Marko claims no one knows why midfielders are so fast

(L to R): Dr Helmut Marko (AUT) Red Bull Motorsport Consultant with Norbert Haug (GER) Mercedes Sporting Director. Formula One World Championship, Rd 2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Race, Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday 10 April 2011.Jun.1 (GMM) Dr Helmut Marko has responded to claims that a couple of midfield teams are actually fielding the very best cars of 2012.

Auto Motor und Sport this week cited GPS evidence in reporting that the Williams and the Sauber feature the most aerodynamically effective cars, based on data from Barcelona’s demanding turns 3 and 9.

At Monaco, Sauber’s Sergio Perez recorded not only the fastest lap of the race, but he was the quickest circulating car “for long periods”, according to team boss Peter Sauber.

Journalist Michael Schmidt said: “With Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton in the cockpit, Williams or Sauber would probably be leading the championship.”

Red Bull‘s Marko responded: “They have good cars, but no one knows why. They are not as highly bred as a Red Bull and McLaren, but apparently easy to drive and understand. In the present situation, anything is possible.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • Kimi4WC

    Ohh really?

    No diffusers and flex front wings, both systems used and developed best by top teams, both banned this season.

  • Taz

    only reason mid fielder are where they are is cuz of cost caps.
    its like a football team is alowed no practice cuz poor teams cant aford it…
    no diferent.
    my opinion is if u have the money then u spend it as u want.its like limiting ur resources cuz other teams cant aford it.its so stupid…….if a team has no money then they should be in f1 ie… bot 3 team are a joke.

  • Taz

    the reason why F1 is like this with all rules changes.. is due to 1 man only and thats micheal shumi.
    his boring ferrari erra made changes to slow him down….

  • Galileo

    He says midfielders ? Williams is everything, just not midfield team……….their presence in F1 is a constant, long and certainly marked by many successes, unlike the Mercedes, so it’s a little tacky to talk to Williams about as standard as an average team.
    Ferrari forever !!!