Alonso: They’re limiting creativity and F1 is looking more like GP2

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso mobbed by fans during the Ferrari Store opening in Madrid

Jun. 1 (GP247) Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has hit out at the current Formula One regulations which he believes have restricted engineering creativity and as result the cars are becoming increasingly similar as the pinnacle of the sport becomes  more like GP2.

Fernando Alonso Monaco third ferrari F2012Speaking at the opening of  a Ferrari store in Madrid, the Spaniard said, “In part because of the rules and also because of the restrictions each year in the rules. When someone discovers something, the next year it’s banned. They’re limiting more and more every time the creativity or potential development of a car. We’re seeing more similar cars every time and it’s looking more like GP2 in the sense that there are more drivers.”

The two time world champion predicted, “Despite being a tight Championship, it’s Red Bull, McLaren and Ferrari in that order in the Constructors. And in the six or seven first positions of the drivers’ championship, you’ve got the same drivers as last year. As a result of this, in a championship that goes on for so long, you’re going to have the same drivers battling it out in the end.”

Fernando Alonso ribbon cutting Ferrari Store MadridAlonso also used the high profile opportunity to rally the troops at Maranello, “I’m happy and enjoying the moment but working very, very hard because, although we are leading the Championship, we could easily be sixth or seventh and quite a few points off the lead. So there’s still plenty of work to do.”

He added, We’re happy with how the season has begun in terms of points but not so much in terms of the competitiveness of the car, since we’ve suffered a lot in the first races to be on top.”

The 2012 season has been not only a battle on the track, but also a relentless battle off track as teams develop upgrades for their cars for just about every race.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012. Formula One World Championship, Rd6, Monaco Grand Prix, Race Day, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Sunday 27 May 2012.Alonso confirmed, “We’ve brought some upgrades to Canada. This is a race both on and off the track. All the big teams are going to bring new parts so let’s see whose works best. We’ve tried to extract the most of what we had and our rivals have let their guards down. Hopefully in Canada we will confirm the improvement shown in Barcelona and Monaco. This year, two or three tenths make you lose or gain five or six places, because everything is very close. That’s why you have to take new parts to every race and improve against the clock back in the factory.”

“In Canada we want to confirm this improvement and be competitive in a more ‘normal’ circuit, because Monaco is unique due to its characteristics and Barcelona has very quick corners. Canada and Valencia are going to be two very important tests for us to see if we can really put both Ferraris in Q3, like we did in Monaco, and opt to be in the top places,” concluded the winner of 28 grands prix.

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  • Bec

    Should have gone with Max’s 2009 proposals, that had all the creativity you could ask for, from unlimited testing to 4 wheel drive.

    But Montezemolo rejected the idea.

    So if Alonso wants someone to blame, he only has to look at his boss.

  • Butterfly


    That proposol used 40M USD budget. How long before you spend that, 5 races?

  • visz963

    He is complaining because he went to Ferrari to have the best car, and he cannot get it due to cost limiations.

    Read between the lines. ‘creativity’ spending more money for him.

    End of story.

  • george

    Sorry for you Alonso!I’m pretty much enjoying this season so far, definately one of the best!and don’t think I’m the only one!

  • Stewy33

    @ Bec

    Spot on as always, majority of ideas and limitations in F1 were set by Ferrari. Remember when Ferrari pushed for testing bans because they were dominating the sport. Now that Ferrari is no longer on top (Figuratively speaking as Alonso is leading the WC) Ferrari pushed for an in season test before the European tour and they got it… Ferrari couldn’t figure out how to get a blown diffuser to work, Ferrari complained to a Jean Todt lead FIA and banned the blown diffuser technology mid season so Alonso could win at Valencia and then reversed thier decision for the next race. I could go on to smaller topics, but I will stop here…

  • Stewy33

    Sorry for the double post but I wanted to keep two different thoughts separate.

    As a mechanical engineer it would be mind blowing for me to see an F1 car with ABS, traction control, 4 wheel drive, and active suspension. Yes it would take away some skill from the individual driver, but the racing would be white knuckle in your face. Reason being your not going to lock up under braking, you can floor the car till it cries and get no wheel spin out of the corners, and you will corner on rails all day! It would be “fantasy world” for an F1 driver to have all of that and F1 should be just that!

  • fools

    I wouldn’t want to see cars driving as if they are on rails…there is no purity to that type of driving. Might as well throw in auto tranny and replace the paddle shifting too. smh.

    Its’ all about speed and purity (and to the FIA $money and safety) Alonso is only complaining about limited testing and engineer creativity… (look at Redbull now) like he said once and engineer finds a loop hole, next year it’s banned so no other team can copy or take data and apply that to there car for an advantage. Meaning now engineers have it tuff.

    Alonso didn’t win in Valencia, so obviously it didn’t work to there favor (as in the talk for pushed testing this mid season, nor did Alonso qualify that well) so I dont see how it helped him win other then his purity of driving skills.

  • Stewy33

    The person named “Fools” is correct stating Alonso didn’t win in Valencia in 2011. Alonso finished 2nd behind Vettel by a gap of 10 seconds.

  • AlonsoFan

    when was the last time that a Ferrari F1 car featured something that the whole of f1 teams wanted for their cars?

  • Stewy33

    Back in Ferrari’s prime they had the best engines and they hired the best driver they could to lead them to victory. Now that aerodynamics has taken over the sport Ferrari found themselves being the student as other teams became the teachers.

    Now this is my stance, Ferrari still builds the best factory engine for thier F1 cars at 100% efficiency. Ferrari also supplies engines to other teams that may run 99-99.5% efficient as a Factory team has the ability to dyno test all of thier engines before deciding which ones they will sell to a competitor.

    To answer the below question, teams want a factory spec 100% efficient Ferrari F1 engine that Marenello would put in Alonso’s car.

  • Bec


    It was US$75 million

    And that didn’t include spending on drivers, engines, 1 top employee and hospitality etc.

    So about US$150 million.

  • Andy – London

    Lewis mentioned a couple of years ago that the cars weren’t as exciting to drive as when he was first in the sport, and it wasn’t because they were new to him either.

    The 2008 McLaren was a beautiful car. Much better without the huge ugly front wing and a lower and longer rear wing. No doubt it was quicker, had more grip.
    It’s taken me a while to get used to the 09-current shape F1 cars. I still don’t like the high rear wing and obviously the noses.
    I thought GP2 wasn’t far off F1 when I was in Malaysia 2008. In Monaco 2010, the GP2 cars sounded unbelievable on the pit straight (I was taking the aluminium bridge across the road and it was really loud in there!).

    ….and just to clear up whats not been said but everybody knows: It was Silverstone that Alonso won and not Valencia.
    Ferrari are usually very strong from Canada onwards. Nobody believed Alonso in 2010 when he said he would get on the podium for the rest of the season and be World Champion but he nearly pulled it off.

    I hope he wins the title this year. Not for Ferrari. Just because he has changed from the petulant guy at Renault and McLaren to a relaxed and likeable guy who is easily the best, and calmest driver in the world of F1.

  • sennauno


    Ferrari builds best engines and all these efficiency numbers that you pulled out of a hat- could you please share (in your mechanical engineering view) why Ferrari engine is superior to that of Renault & Mercedes?

  • Butterfly


    Well, 150M USD is not bad *if* they currently spend about 200M-250M USD. They should have taken that in 2009.

  • Kimi4WC

    Since when Ferrari was superior to Renault?

    Last time Ferrari won constructor was 2008, driver 2007. We are in 2012.

    I don’t know who is pulling stuff out of the hat.

  • Alberto Dietz

    2004 was the last time we saw real F1 cars, Teflonslow.

  • TheRealPhillyJ

    Couldn’t agree more with Alonso. F1 is dangerously close to becoming “Sports Entertainment”.

    KERS, DRS Zones, Pirrelli Tires, all artifices and not pure racing…

    not to mentioning the stifling and static regulations. Don’t make NASCAR the pinnacle of motorsport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!