Ron Dennis among winners of British Inspiration Award

May 26 (McLaren Press Release) Executive Chairman, McLaren Group and McLaren Automotive Ron Dennis CBE was among the winners at the annual British Inspiration Awards on 24 May, receiving recognition in the Science and Technology category.

The Awards were created to celebrate and promote creativity, innovation and diversity, highlighting excellence in the arts and media as well as industry and the sciences.

The Awards ceremony was held at The Intercontinental in Park Lane, London, with figures as diverse as David Bowie, Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Sir David Attenborough among the nominees.

“I’m very proud to follow Professor Brian Cox as a recipient of the Science and Technology award,” said Ron Dennis in his acceptance speech. “Professor Cox is not only a brilliant scientist in his own right, but someone whose work in the media has done so much to inspire an interest in science.

“At McLaren our core business is Formula 1 racing. It’s a thrilling, and constantly evolving, technical challenge. It demands constant creativity and excellence.

“We develop a new part for our Formula 1 car every 15 minutes, seven days a week, 12 months a year.

“Increasingly, we’re using that innovative mindset, and the techniques we’ve learned in Formula 1, to grow our business in other ways. One topical example is how several British Olympic teams are using systems developed by McLaren to monitor the biometrics of their athletes in real time during training.

“I hope that in doing so we’re demonstrating the importance of real engineering, rather than financial engineering, to the future of our country. Science, technology, engineering and maths sit at the very heart of Britain’s opportunity to lead the world in advanced engineering.

“If McLaren can help to achieve this objective – to inspire young people to join the grand tradition of British engineering excellence – then I will be very happy.

“For all those reasons I’m very proud to receive this award, on behalf of all at McLaren. Thank you.”

  • AlsoRan

    I thought Ron was tossed from Mclaren and F1 for malfeasance.
    Why the F is he back?