Schumacher needs Mercedes to want him in the team

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 watches the action. Formula One World Championship, Rd6, Monaco Grand Prix, Practice Day, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Thursday 24 May 2012.May 25 (GMM) If Michael Schumacher wants to keep racing in Formula One beyond the 2012 season, he will need to convince Mercedes that he brings value to their efforts.

That is the claim of former German F1 driver Christian Danner, referring to rumours that the seven time world champion’s future beyond this year is uncertain.

Schumacher, 43, has said he is yet to sit down for talks with Mercedes, who have named former DTM protege Paul di Resta as an ideal successor.

“Personally I would be very happy if he goes on and he is able to go on at a good level, because at the moment he is starting to look a bit old,” Danner said on German television RTL.

Danner said he believes Schumacher wants to continue in 2013, but the issue of a new contract “is not just up to him”.

“He also has to have the team want[ing] him,” he explained.

Earlier this week, Mercedes’ F1 chief executive Nick Fry suggested that the great German might choose to retire if he does not achieve better results by the end of the season.

Boss Ross Brawn reacted by insisting that the team had let Schumacher down so far in 2012, and then clarified his remarks on Thursday in Monaco.

“When I talk about the team, I talk about the drivers as well, the drivers aren’t outside the team, so when I say ‘the team hasn’t done a good enough job with Michael’, I mean collectively.

“We – and that includes Michael – have not done a good enough job collectively in the first five races,” said Brawn.

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  • Luq

    Is it me or is this website all against Micheal? Only way for him to shut them off.. Win something..

  • Lol.

    Unfortunately Michael has a talent of allowing you to like him and then doing something to make you loathe him again.

    For example, starting a season relatively well (although not scoring) and then having the whole bruno senna incident and allowing his ego to shine through.

    He won’t be missed when he leaves again. He was unquestionably the best driver when he left, since his return he’d struggle to make most people’s top 5.

    Invest in the future and develop Rosberg’s car.

  • Brian B

    Michael Shumacher. I dont know what it is but I know Michael Schumacher has finally found his balance now; that ulterior angle between Elar and indomitability . Had he started on pole in Monaco, I’m sure he would have won that one; he has it now…The man has become the man. He’s back…I just feel it….Canada will prove this…I just know it will..Go Michael……

  • Grk hammer F1

    I agree some people are clueless. He didn’t one back in an existing team , he came back to a new team that had to be built up. The car had a short wheel base and needed to be seriously developed but if you look at his driving he pushed the car to the max. He even help cars off before they flew by him so fast the car was beyond slow. He was never at fault pay attention and unless you know what your talking about don’t make comments. He’s kicking ass this year the car has broken down a few times , wheel nut not on another time , crashed and it broke again or people hitting him. He’s flying in every practice the tires do blow just need to figure it out but he’s doing really well and he would have won a few races already and I bet he would be ahead in the championship AGAIN genius. Rosberg would have never won that race unless Shumacher help up the entire pack on purpose. He got caught by Button and Button could have won if he didn’t have such a huge lead and still got caught. Schumacher is the best and it’s annoying to hear people call him an old man when he’s not old and he’s in perfect shape as he was before. They need to make sure his car doesn’t break, he’s an aggressive driver, Engels still the best, end of story.

  • Mrs Gail J Gray

    It is a shame that when Michael returned in 2010 that he would get his 8th world title, never mine, to me he is the greatest f1 driver in the world and to me that is what counts and nobody be ever has good as he is a golden legend, i will still watch formula 1 but it will be dull and boring without Michael.He spiced up my weekends.