Marussia say KERS is waste of money but admit they need it

John Booth (GBR) Virgin Racing Team Principal. Formula One Testing, Day Two, Jerez, Spain, Thursday 11 February 2010.May 23 (GMM) Marussia Formula One team needs a KERS system to catch up with its direct rivals, admits team boss John Booth, who told the Russian website that he is looking into adding the energy recovery technology to next year’s Marussia package.

“First of all, I want to say that while it is said it (KERS) is a ‘green’ technology, in reality it’s just a serious waste of money,” he said.

“But in our situation it’s time to start thinking seriously about KERS. Of the gap to Caterham, five or six tenths is due to KERS,” added Booth.

“So we are thinking seriously about it for 2013, but so far there is no decision.”

Booth admitted the start of the 2012 season has been a disappointment so far for Marussia, which in its first two years was called Virgin Racing.

He said the team has recently completed a phase of serious restructuring.

“We had a good team of people before, but now we have a good team of designers. Though we have been in F1 for three years, I have the feeling that we were actually born in July 2011.”

Booth is undoubtedly referring to the split mid last year with former technical chief Nick Wirth, and the relocation to a new headquarters.

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