Small teams pushing for 2014 engine rules delay

FIA Logo.May 21 (GMM) Some teams are reportedly pushing the FIA to delay the introduction of Formula One’s new engine regulations, which are due in 2014

All-new turbo V6 rules are currently scheduled to debut in 2014, but Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport and Italy’s Autosprint say that some of the midfield teams are opposed, on cost grounds.

“It is being heard from sources at (engine suppliers) Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault that the development of the turbo V6 is more expensive than expected,” said the German report.

“Since no limit for the engine renting costs from 2014 has been set, the (small) teams fear that they will incur additional costs.”

Currently, each non-works team pays about EUR 8 million for 16 normally-aspirated V8 engines and a few test engines, and up to 5m for KERS.

Another factor is the speed of the F1 cars, which is already beginning to be rivalled by the junior GP2 category. The new V6 turbo engines will be about 25kg heavier.

Italy’s Autosprint speculated that the dispute could mean the V8s stick around in F1 for “one or two more seasons”.

Subbed by AJN.

  • AlonsoFan

    the f1 cars have already slowed down,no more lap records and due to no refuelling the cars take long-er to finiah the race..there will be a time when Ferrari nd Mclaren will be making road cars that will be comparable to f1.