Montezemolo: Massa must bring home the results we expect from him

Will Luca di Montezemolo be waving goodbye to Felipe Massa before the season ends?

Will Luca be waving goodbye to Felipe before the season ends?

May 21 (GP247) Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has given Felipe Massa what could be his last warning to raise his game, when sending out a message of encouragement and a show of confidence to the team’s staff on the eve of the Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Montezemolo and MassaAfter five rounds, Fernando Alonso is (with Sebastian Vettel) joint top of the 2012 Drivers’ Championship standings having scored 61 points, with Massa having only two to his credit. At least partly as a result, Ferrari are fourth in the Constructor’s Championship – 46 points adrift of leaders Red Bull.

Montezemolo wrote in the letter to all staff members at Maranello, “The championship is very open and so far, there has not been one dominant force. A series of circumstances and the work done here to improve the car, as well as Alonso’s great ability, has led to us leading the Championship after five rounds. We must capitalize on that, with each one of us giving our very best at home and at the race track, including Massa who must bring home the results we expect from him.”

Massa has not been on a F1 podium since the Korean GP in 2010 and has not won a race since Brazil 2008, a year when he won six races and nearly bagged the title.

Montezemolo added, “The Championship is in our own hands. I know from Domenicali, with whom I am in constant contact, how hard all of you are working. Of this I am sure, also because winning the Championship depends only and exclusively on ourselves: on our ability, our creativity, our determination and our desire to show that we are the best.”

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  • F50GT1

    Sad really, personally I think Massa is gun shy and no matter what Mr. Montezemolo says I don’t really think it’ll change. Being a Ferrari fan I would cut my losses and bring in someone else before it’s to late, and if Ferrari are really behind Massa put him in a cart to build his confidence back up, (if it can be built up). But until something actually happens–Good Luck Ferrari & Massa. ALONSO RULES !!!! Unlike some he’s not 100% relying on aero, not only because he can’t but because he’s a true talent.

  • Stewy33

    I am still saying Ferrari is stalling to replace Massa because they really want to give the drive to Robert Kubica,. I know people disagree with me, but if you can tell me any other reason why they haven’t replaced Massa yet I am listening…

  • F50GT1

    I totally concur with the fact they are trying to replace Massa, but do you really think it’ll be Kubica? Not only the crash in rallying but he then broke his foot and he’s already gone back to rallying. Seems like he’s someone they wouldn’t be able to rely on to stay healthy. My guess is someone young to drive in Alonso’s shadow, no I have no clue who, maybe one of their own youngsters. As for why they have kept him I’d guess guilt? But that’s a guess due to the fact that Ferrari can be so political they could be waiting for Massa’s contract to run out instead of paying him off like Raikkonen, dang good question though there are a lot of killer drivers out there, what would be wiked cool is if they did the same thing as McLaren & had 2 #1 drivers that would make real serious points and make the show way better. Besides didn’t the someone say Kibica’s comeback near impossible?

  • Taz

    yea i think it could be guilt as in why they havent replaced massa, i really would like to se fisi in there i really just wana see what fis has to offer since 2009?whn he was 2 seconds of pace in the ferrari.other wise bring 1 of the young guys evan for a free practice 1 or 2 you know we would like to see other in that number 6 car… we just wana see what they can do compeard to massa.
    problem is massa is +0.350 in qualiy at best to alonso
    and +0.500 in race trim.. not acurate.. so dont badger me plz just estimatations

  • F50GT1

    Fisi I think would be a cool choice beings that he’s matured quite a bit, but he’s also got the GT championship to contend with I know of 1 championship right off hand, Risi Comp isn’t it. All though F1 is the cream of the crop. I wonder just how far off the pace they’d be, or how about Rubens, lolol

  • Hawk

    Fisi??? come on you do not expect ferrari to start going backwards. there are a lot of good young drivers to choose from. and it is not Ferrari’s style to have two #1 drivers. only in 2008 did Massa upstage Kimi.

  • F50GT1

    No worries it was purely hypothetical,”but”lol if Ferrari “was” interested in winning the Constructers Championship then 2 no. 1 drivers would be the way to go, I know it’s totally “not” Ferrari’s style never has, but with the F1 rules being changed maybe it’s time to change. (I wish) McLaren and Red Bull not to mention Mercedes and Lotus have 2 power drivers each one can almost imagine the 4 of them will be next to impossible to beat.

  • Butterfly

    The weirdest thing that could happen to Ferrari this year is them taking the constructors’ title *without* help from Felipe.

    That would go in the record books.

  • Kimi4WC

    @Butterfly I think you should take your pink glasses off :)

  • Tamburello_1994

    First off, I want whatever Stewey33, And Butterfly is smoking.

    Secondly, What would be the point of bringing in a driver for half the year? Might as well stay with Massa and play out the string unless Ferrari is gonna steal someone’s driver.

    I get a kick out of the R. Kubica talk. As much as I’d love to see Robert racing again, I said then, and I still say it today, Kubica will never drive an F1 car competitively again. It will take years for him to be strong enough for the rigors of F1. Felipe Massa has shown the effects of his accident and I’m not sure why anyone would think Kubica wouldn’t suffer likewise. Lastly, Why would Ferrari gamble with damaged goods when they just pretty much concluded that with Massa? Unless the test driver gets a promotion, Ferrari would be wise to stick with Massa and hope to catch lightning in the bottle – Rather than go with a white knight – Someone who has little or no experience with the car and would need time just to get up to speed.

    Some notable drivers will be free agents next year. Unless Ferrari can get someone who can drive like he stole it now, Might not be worth it until next year to lose Massa.

  • Psych4191

    @Tamburello Ferrari would gamble at damaged goods because a damaged Kubica is 10x the driver Felipe is, and he’s not as emotional. Besides, Kubes is already back to rallying. That’s not a dead-in-the-water theory by a long shot.

    That being said, Ferrari will most likely bring in Trulli for this season, then move on to Perez or someone similar for the long term.

  • Taz

    LOl would like to see truili but then again people do u remember truili train?

  • Psych4191

    The Trulli Train has had lasting effects. Heikki (Trulli’s former teammate) had his own train going in Barcelona. The best Trulli Train was 2008 Singapore, though. Even the Force India was a part of that one.

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Psych4191

    I’ve heard the reports of Robert behind the wheel again. . . I also heard it wasn’t him driving – From what I saw, All you see is a car on a track, You never see Kubica actually driving anything. I’m curious, Massa has 11 F1 wins to Kubica’s 1, So I think you’re backwards on who’s “10x” better than who. lol. But everyone is entitled to their opinion. Not putting Robert down, But give Massa his due also.

    Looks like we basically agree on the larger point that Ferrari needs to think long term.

  • usman fasih


    Massa might have had 11 wins in championship winning Ferrari’s. How many championship winning cars did Kubica drive?

    Kubica would be more competetive than Massa at the moment even with his injured hand tied behind his back

  • Butterfly

    Why are you people still talking about Robert Kubica?

    The guy nearly lost his life in that horrific accident and could consider himself lucky if he’ll ever be able to shake someone’s hand, let alone driving a GP car.

    I understand he’s talented and a very nice guy, but he’s out of Formula One.

  • Stewy33

    I will have some fun with the what are you smoking comment!:

    Maybe Kubica will become the next bionic man and Ferrari can program his bionic arm to launch the car perfectly every start and have perfect shifting points with that paddle shifter. Then Ferrari will up load telemetry to his robot arm and they will put a plug in traction control device into that arm. Since it is not part of the car they will never get busted for it!!! Kubica blows away the field and wins the WC!!!

    *puff puff puff* man this is some great stuff I am smoking!!!

  • Psych4191


    That’s Kubica in a kart. It’ll take him another year or so to gain more strength, but he’s not done by a long shot.

    Besides, Kubica won in a BMW, and has 12 podiums, all with midfield cars. Massa had a Ferrari. Oh, and if your memory is that short, let me remind you that after the Canadian GP in 2008, Robert was leading the championship, but his team abandoned the season for 2009. Big difference between Ferrari and BMW… If you can’t see that then you should probably hold your thoughts.