Vettel defends Schumacher after Senna crash

Michael Schumacher and Sebastian VettelMay 16 (GMM) Sebastian Vettel has defended his former mentor Michael Schumacher after the seven time world champion was roundly criticised since last Sunday’s Spanish Grand Prix, after crashing into  Bruno Senna at the end of the Barcelona straight.

He called the Brazilian driver an “idiot” on the radio and later defended the outburst, but the FIA did not agree, imposing a five-place qualifying penalty for Monte Carlo for causing a collision.

“For us, that manoeuvre of Michael’s cost us a lot,” Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said on Austria’s Servus TV.

He said the debris from the crash not only damaged Vettel’s front wing, but led to the reigning world champion having to serve a drive-through penalty due to activating his DRS wing in the yellow-flag zone.

German Vettel, however, defended Schumacher.

“In those situations we don’t have much time of course,” he said, “and you can get very great speed differences [between the cars] on the straights.

“I think it should be classified simply in the category of racing accidents. Unfortunately it happens,” said the reigning world champion.

“Of course you can always say what is what afterwards,” added Vettel, “just as you can say that it always takes two to tango.”

Mercedes‘ Norbert Haug was less eager to comment, although he did tell Germany’s Sport1 that the team “accepts the verdict of the race stewards”.

  • USA1

    That crash was 100% Schumacher’s fault. Senna did not make huge abrupt movements. The speed Schumacher was carrying it was doubtful he could have even made the corner and from the small amount of change in Senna’s car movement Schumacher was going to run into the back of him no matter what even if Senna had not made any movement. That was just dumb driving by Schumacher. Time for the old boy to hang up his helmet for good.

  • Mark


    First of all comment coming out from usa prick?the dumbass country in the world?have to say whahahaha,just have to ;-),btw it’s usa!!fatpig’s country;-),ok now get serious,to talk like that to 7 time wolrd F1 champion whahah can only do retard(and comment coming from usa,no need to say more).He’s 43!!! and driving like he was 32,he will get there i mean 8 title,it’s like he was in ferrari,from ’96,and in 2000 he won.He can drive easy 2,3 more years,and i will like to see who will be driving like him in his 40’s,nobody!Only one is in past 60 years in F1 who has won 7 time…..


    USA1 shame another jealous person on Michael. Maybe you watched a different race, Senna did swing to the left in the breaking zone. Senna think he is as good as his uncle Ayrton but he will never be the same as him. I dont even think Bruno got talent. He nearly took Grosjean also out in the same race.

  • Kevin

    As seen from the overhead replay, Senna moved left to defend, but under braking, then moved back right – he was not blameless. Yes, it was MSC’s responsibility to make a safe pass, but this was almost exactly the same issue as happened to Weber last year at Valencia, under virtually identical conditions – where NO penalties were handed out. No F1 car is driven into a corner with extra braking in reserve at the point where this incident occurred, and under hard braking moving the car around another car wiggling back and forth is severely limited. It was an unfortunate race incident, caused by miscalculations by both drivers. Senna admitted after the incident that he was slowing more due to tire condition, and knew MSC was coming onto him rapidly on better tires, admitted he was not “protecting the inside” completely enough, and admitted he saw MSC move left, which is where Senna moved to block. Senna screwed up as much as MSC, and is at least 50% cuplable. What’s bogus about this incident is the 5 position penalty laid off on MSC.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    @USA1, if you don’t know anything, just shut up

  • andrewf1

    Horner: That manoeuvre of Michael’s cost us a lot – it led to the reigning world champion having to serve a drive-through penalty

    Laughable…so it’s Schumacher’s fault that Vettel activated his DRS in a yellow flag zone. While the rest of the field didnt.

  • lio

    Bruno is in fact an IDIOT.

  • Andy – London

    As a lifelong Schumacher fan I have to see it as slightly more Schumacher’s fault than just a racing incident. Mainly because Michael has made many uncharacteristic mistakes since his return with Mercedes. He seemed to connect with Petrov quite a few times last year. The Schumacher at Benetton or Ferrari would never have made those mistakes. I do feel he is getting a little clumsy. He seems (in general) a little too relaxed after accidents and mechanical failures.
    As for people who say he doesn’t deserve to be in the sport anymore, golf will be so much richer if Tiger Woods retired and then made a comeback at 70 – Ok, Tiger might not win a title but the fact that he is back in the sport is the important thing.
    Michael has qualified as high as 2nd and has finished as high as 4th in a car (especially last year) that is not as good as the cars ahead. He is still better, if not, reflexes a little slower, than 3/4 of the field. Only Alonso is harder to pass. They are both wily old foxes!

  • Anthony

    I like how Mark is calling Americans retards and idiots all while having the grammatical skills of a five year old.

  • Mark


    HAHAHA well maybe because eng is not my first language,did you think of that? rest my case…

  • lio

    bruno is indeed an idiot. a name such as bruno is moronic by nature. unfair really for the maestro schumi

  • Psych4191

    @ Naomi, Bruno HAD more talent than Ayrton, however, his mother forced him to stop for ten years due to Ayrton and her Husband both dying in cars. Nobody’s going to be amazing after 10 years off, yet he still made it to F1, but I don’t think he’s getting that fair of a shot. People need more than barely a season to get used to the car/team/ etc etc.

    That being said, that wreck was nothing more than a racing incident. Bad tyres vs good tyres. A little miscommunication here and there between the drivers. MSC doesn’t deserve a penalty for it, and neither did Bruno.

    @Mark, I’m an American. I’m 5’11 190, with 10% body fat. I’m hardly a “pig”. Your generalizations of an entire body of people (who are so diverse that we don’t have a single “official” language”) makes your feeble attempts at insulting us look very bad. It makes you look uneducated and pathetic.

    Besides, Michael wasn’t the best driver, he just had the best equipment. The best racer of the 90s was Mika Hakkinen. That’s not debatable. In fact, Schumacher even said Mika was the only driver he feared on the grid.

  • joputa

    the world is fcked LOL

    A driver smacks another driver fair & square in the REAR and people wanna punt it off as a RACING INCIDENT? if blame cant be laid to a driver when someone gets hit in the butt then we could safely just pigeon hole every incident as a racing incident

    well done FIA, Schumacher shouldve known when to quit and not embarass himself with a return & embarass all his blind fans..theyre like rabid dogs, they go to his defence when in his desperation he miscalculates and smacks up someones a$$..unbelievable. Lucky statistics will never dictate who was the best there ever was

  • Greg F2

    In this league you should be able to rely on the other driver to be mostly predictable in his moves. That doesn’t always happen. However, it is up to the passing driver to get it done without hitting the other guy. In this case, one guy made an unusual move, the other had no escape plan, so rules aside, this is truly a racing incident.

  • Mark


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  • Psych4191

    @Mark I’m not taking anything away from Schumacher. He was in the right place at the right time. Much like Jenson at Brawn, or Alonso at Renault. He’s one of the all time greats, but I’m not blinded by world titles.

    Most of the things you hear on America are mere propaganda. The truth of the matter is most people here don’t have that self entitlement that you hear about. In all honesty, the place is so large that it’d be like touring Europe. The Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, and far west are all extremely different.

  • Taz

    Senna wasnt evan his name.. he had to change it as hes a pay driver and needed sponsor and stuff i say disgrace to the name.
    havent seen any thing extra ordinary from him.evan in the coments he made while the race was going on he was like fully acepting it as his fault but saying racing incedent) any other driver would be raging. nuthing special this kid..

  • Psych4191

    Taz, we don’t know that yet, honestly. I think he is special if given a proper chance. He made it into Q3 in bad conditions at Spa in his first weekend in the Lotus last season. Besides, if you really did research, you’d realize it’s as much his name as it is Ayrton’s. His full name is Ayrton Senna de Silva. Bruno’s is Bruno Senna Lalli.

    If a team would actually give him more time to get used to everything, he’d probably be a good driver. All we’ve seen him in is an HRT and a Lotus for less than half a season.

  • the legendary T.A.

    if you drive into the back of somebody its your fault, try it on the way home from work if you don’t believe me

  • John

    @the legendary T.A.

    haha listen to this?no no just can’t believe how much dump people are there….

  • Andy – London

    @Psych4191 I agree that Hakkinen was a fantastic driver, a brilliant qualifier and the perfect gentleman. The 1998 McLaren with the new narrow chassis and grooved tires lapped the entire field in Australia. How Schumacher even ended up at Suzuka with a chance of winning that season is quite remarkable. 1999 was pretty much the same, with Mika and Coulthard pretty much exchanging wins, with Michael spoiling the party in wet weather because both MCLaren drivers used to fall off immediately when it rained.
    By ‘2000 I think the McLaren and Ferrari were even, and it could have gone either way, but the initial dominance of Mika’s 98 spec car has only been matched recently by Mansell in 92 and Vettel in 2011.
    People have short memories. Michael retired his ’96 Ferrari on the warm up lap of the first 2 races of the season and everyone was asking why he went to Ferrari when he could have taken a similar offer from McLaren. He said “I want to put them back where they belong”, and he did that. I think Kimi was a beneficiary of his legacy in 2007, and also Massa in 2008.
    If it wasn’t for the brilliance of Alonso in the team, it would pretty much be back to the 1996 days at Maranello.
    You’re right about Mika though – Michael respected him as an awesome driver.

  • cam

    Micheal Schumacher the best screw you