Schumacher penalised for slamming into the back of Senna

Michael Schumacher is helped out of his damaged Mercedes

Michael Schumacher is helped out of his damaged Mercedes

May 13 (GP247) Michael Schumacher was quick to blame Bruno Senna for an incident that eliminated both drivers from the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona, but the FIA race stewards thought differently and have handed the seven time world champion a five place grid penalty for Monaco.

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 W03 collides with Bruno Senna (BRA) Williams FW34. Formula One World Championship, Rd5, Spanish Grand Prix, Race Day, Barcelona, Spain, Sunday 13 May 2012.

Michael Schumacher and Bruno Senna travel through the gravel after colliding

After investigating the incident which occurred on lap 12 under braking for Turn 1, the stewards adjudged that Schumacher was at fault for the accident.

Under braking with fresh tyres Schumacher misjudged Senna’s braking point and slammed into the back of the Williams, on older rubber, forcing both cars into the gravel and leading to the retirement of both drivers from the race.

Schumacher said afterwards, “Obviously I am not happy with the outcome of the race as I think we could have achieved some nice points today. But then this is sometimes what you have to go through in racing. It is not easy to see from the TV replays but what happened from my viewpoint was that he went to the right to defend the inside line, and then suddenly, shortly before the braking point, went to the left.”

“When you are so tight together in the braking zone, you have no other choice than to try to react and avoid hitting but it was too late. It is a shame, as I said, but then what I will do now is to look ahead to the next race and try to attack there,” explained the German.

Senna said, “It’s racing and incidents happen. At the end of the day, I was not expecting him to hit me, I thought he was going to dive for the inside. He probably misjudged me a little bit. He came with good speed on the straight and I had to brake. When I saw he was moving I thought he would dive on the inside so I moved a little bit to the left and then he just hit me.”

  • s u

    rookie mistake for senna. but schumi is disappointing and is becoming a frustration and a burden to the team. should head the sack i guess…. for good!

  • Speedo

    s u, the stewards don’t think so

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    The stewards are stupid and dumb… how dare they penalize my hero…

  • Lol.

    …because he drove like a moron.

  • F1 Novice

    Hmmmmm a bit harsh on Schumacher…….

    Senna: “He came with good speed on the straight and I had to brake. When I saw he was moving I thought he would dive on the inside so I moved a little bit to the left and then he just hit me.”

    …….. there is an unwritten rule / agreement between the F1 drivers NO moving in braking zone …. and this is why – had Senna not moved I doubt there would have been a collision.

  • Kimi4WC

    Just look at Shummi while that thing, he was driving like straight was going for another 100 meters, he would have hit Senna even if he did sharp right.

    I think Shummi’s race engineer should have said to Shummi, guy in front on older tyres.

  • Andy – London

    I’ve always been a Schumacher fan but unfortunately he has been very clumsy since his return to F1. Making many mistakes that you would never think that Michael Schumacher would do.
    He seemed to lose his front wing by hitting Petrov quite a few times last year. The Michael of old would never make those mistakes. He seems far too calm about retirements from races too.
    The incident was, in a way, similat to Valencia 2010 when Webber was launched into the air due to a very slow Lotus and a huge speed difference. I think Michael has to take the blame for this one, but Bruno isn’t entirely exluded from blame.
    Yet again the HRT being a pain for the faster cars – is it worth them even being in the sport? I mean we never asked those questions about Minardi did we? Probably because we loved the underdog…plus they gave Alonso, Trulli, Webber and many more drivers their start to F1.
    Today I think Charles Pic cost Alonso a lot of time. The victory, I’m not sure, but definitely a lot of time.

  • me262


    this will be his last embarassing year, dont worry usman fasih & schumacher fans hahahahaha welcome to 2012 guys, Maldonado = winner, schumacher = kamikaze LOL

  • Nemo

    It was a racing incident, but the penalty is fair. He ducked when he should have weaved.

  • Flyby

    there should penalized both since senna weaving to the left in the replay senna defend on inner line which is the racing line then braking to the left while schumi did move to the right but the space was to small to go right since distance of schumi to bruno was very close the contact would be severe this should have been race incident rather penalised since schumi ins’t popular to spanish stewards there will always be bais or non bais towards him even there is a penalty he can still recover since the car is very small margin

  • nod

    @ Flyby i would agree some of if but not all case schumi should have think going fast then go right i hope schumi make up his mind better for senna never brake test again remember 2007 were hamilton brake testing what happened next some one hit who in Fuji were vettel was in toro rosso and webber is in Redbull

    @ Nemo to be fair he move from racing line to the outside in my opinion the penalty to schumi is a bit harsh

    @ Andy – London he is been not so comfortable at all that’s why he is frustrated ?

    for me with or without him he is a star from the past great records that no body can surpass true but he needs to patient or going to be a loser in the next race

  • Wesley

    i dont think its new or old rubber. Remember Webber flying into the sky after hitting Hekki that year. Everybody said slow cars impeding top runners. So its not new or old rubber. Now Pastor wins in Williams, nobody dare say Bruno slow cos the car is fast and Pastor wins. I dont think its fair. Its because Schumi and everybody saying hes wrong!!!!

  • Alonsomaniac

    Schumi has totally lost it….His talent went up in smoke along with the engine that fine day in 2006..the last race i think it was. His comeback aint even a shodow of what he was, always complaing always whining n now accusing Bruno. Bruno hardly weaved, probably a meter off the line he was on..Schumi swerved in like a maniac trying for the inside line n an overtake. what he shdve done was brake on the outside let Bruno overshoot n then turn in sharply to try for the inside..or even better give it a go another time. But NO! he wants to go suicidal. Schumi shd be given a penalty every race for being a jackass

  • Normski

    Formula one is now a TV show and not a true motor race. The stupid manufacturing of tyres designed to fail in order to create excitement shows how far off line it has become. Eddie Jordan said the Show is bigger than the drivers, well see if Moss, Fangio, Senna, prost, Mansell agree with that. The show will fail because it is being stage managed. The egos of Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard seem to be we will be the stars of the show, even though both are pretty well failed performers. I will not watch stage managed races, rather watch British Sperbikes, Moto GP etc. where he racing still is the real deal. Shumi it Senna because of the tyre diferences that wouldn’t happen in real racing.

  • Normski

    When Eddie Jodan said that the Show was bigger than the drivers that did it finally for me. Schumi hit Senna because of stupid tyre differences that wouldn’t be there in true racing. Formula one will fail through being stage managed. Real racing works, look at British Superbikes, Moto GP, British Saloon Cars.
    When the presenters are trying to be bigger than the performers something is seriously wrong. Look at the Race of Champions last year, the real talent shone through. Vettel and Shumi again in the team, and Shumi beat Vettel in the individual, where was David Coulhard – eliminated in the first round.

  • Hawk

    Schumi has lost it. he drove straight into the man. Senna was confused when he looked into the mirrors, the man was driving staright into him at breakneck speed. no other top driver would have made such a mistake, not even Nico. JB apologised in Sepang and for him it was just marginal compared to Schumi’s. you just have to be careful when appraoching a slower car.
    Bruno’s car was slow on the day. do not compare it to Pastor’s. it is the whole package not merely the car. and Schumi shd have seen that at least a lap earlier.
    the rule is now written and the brilliant drivers know it, never fly past a back marker especially in the turns, only under the blue flag. those cars simply wont move and they do not keep racing lines. Lewis must have been extra careful weaving through them in the race.