Barcelona Day 1: Red Bull report

May 11 (Red Bull Press Release) Team and drivers review the first day of the Spanish Grand Prix weekend at Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona, Round 5 of the 2012 F1 world championship.

Car 1, Sebastian Vettel
“It wasn’t too bad today – there’s a lot of stuff for us to go through. We had a few new parts to try, which is not that unusual for Barcelona. I’m pretty happy; we did a lot of laps and got through the programme well. The wind played a role today, you could see some cars going off the track and the asphalt temperatures can go high here which makes the car slide. It’s similar here to last year and it’s likely we will see a few stops on Sunday during the race.”

First Practice Session
Position: 2, Best Time: 1:24.808, Laps: 18
Second Practice Session
Position: 2, Best Time: 1:23.563, Laps: 38

Car 2, Mark Webber
“It takes a while to get in to the groove here with the balance. We saw at the end of P2 that you have to get everything together to get the lap time here. We’ll have more chances tomorrow to work on the short runs. We were trying a few things in those practice sessions and we’ll see what Adrian and the guys come up with for us tomorrow. I’m not sure how many pitstops there will be on Sunday, but it will be quite a few. The soft tyre is a nicer tyre to run on – but tyre strategy will be very important here.”

First Practice Session
Position: 13, Best Time: 1:25.539, Laps: 23
Second Practice Session
Position: 7, Best Time 1:24.065, Laps: 34