Schumacher visits Pirelli motor home at Mugello

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1. Formula One Testing, Mugello, Italy, Day Two, 2 May 2012.

Michael Schumacher

May 3 (GMM) Seven times world champion Michael Schumacher paid a visit to the Pirelli motor-home at Mugello for the first time since his recent criticism of F1’s sole tyre supplier.

Schumacher was heavily critical of the Italian supplier’s 2012 tyres recently in Bahrain, but boss Paul Hembery had revealed that he had yet to get together to hear first-hand about Schumacher’s gripe.

Auto Motor und Sport said the Mercedes driver’s meeting with Pirelli lasted half an hour.

“I can imagine what was talked about,” Timo Glock grinned.

Hembery said: “Michael was with our technicians and Mercedes engineers, I do not know what was said.”

Another Pirelli employee insisted: “Nothing special to report.”

Hembery does, however, have some good news to break to Schumacher: “In 2013 our tyres will be even softer.”

As for the extreme degradation, “We are sticking with our philosophy of exciting races, until something else is asked of us”, Hembery insisted.

Mark Webber admitted there is a fine line to walk between the wishes of the teams and drivers, and the interests of the spectators.

“We would all love to have quicker lap times and extremely consistent tyres like we did in the old days,” he is quoted by AAP news agency, “but that wasn’t the most exciting thing for the racing.

“Trying to find somewhere in the middle is always tricky but, at the moment, we have a pretty good show for the crowd.

“Whether it’s by design or not, it’s turned out like that.”

  • Sennauno

    nothing special to report. they had a good techinical lambasting from the maestro. i am sure they were all humbled and learned a lot from the legend!

  • usman fasih

    just more whining from shumacher, special tyres from bridgestones are history kiddo. Visit Pirelli and get to ‘grips’ with them :)

    schumacher : 2 points
    rosberg : 35 points

  • dean

    schumacher is the master of f1 car builder.

    He is a driver-engineer with a deep understanding on engine and tyres, not a suprise he walked to pirelli HQ to ask about something he not understand about pirelli.

    Rosberg will not and impossible to get great car in mercedes without schumi.

    Senna, Mansell, Hakkinen, Alonso, Vettel, they are engineer and car dependent, only Schumacher have the qualitu to build champion car.

  • usman fasih


    schumacher is an engineer is he? Is that why when he moved from Bennetton to Ferrari in 1996 he brought with him Brawn, Byrne & his team of engineers with him from Bennetton? Schumacher couldve just done it on his own…Ferrari didnt really need the restructure they did cos Schumacher can do it all…he dosent really need a pit crew either!

    Pirelli shouldnt worry about yesterdays hero, grandad wont be racing next year so who cares what he thinks, he is the past not the future. Rosberg is his only team mate that has been treated equally in his whole formula 1 career & look how his kicking his butt

    schumiiiiii fans will suffer hahahaha ;)