All F1 teams set for Mugello test except HRT

View of Mugello paddock

View of Mugello paddock

Apr.25 (GMM) HRT has announced it will sit out next week’s rare in-season Formula 1 test at Mugello, while all the other teams will be present – most with their reserve drivers also on duty.

For the first time in years, the sport has relaxed slightly its strict testing ban in order to give teams the chance to run between grands prix.

The three-day session at Ferrari‘s Italian circuit will begin next Tuesday, during the three-week gap between Bahrain and Spain.

Struggling backmarkers HRT, however, will not be there, opting instead to be “completely focused” on relocating to its new Caja Magica headquarters in Madrid.

Every other team will be at Mugello, 30 kilometres from Florence — the first in-season test for four years.

26 drivers will be in action, as will a lot of update packages following F1’s return from the hectic ‘flyaway’ season.

Red Bull, Ferrari, Mercedes, Sauber, Marussia and Toro Rosso will use their regular race drivers.

Running regular racers and a tester will be Lotus (Jerome d’Ambrosio), Williams (Valtteri Bottas) and Force India (Jules Bianchi).

Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport said Caterham is “using the opportunity to earn some money” by accepting the sponsorship of the Venezuelan Rodolfo Gonzalez.

McLaren has scheduled to run its testers Oliver Turvey and Gary Paffett, although Lewis Hamilton has indicated he might gatecrash the programme in order to help solve the MP4-27’s newfound tyre problems.

  • Kevin

    HRT’s commitment to making sure the movers don’t break their furniture is impressive, and an indication they don’t get it. They need to set the boxes down and get into the game – or get out. On their current idiotic course, Spain may ask them to leave out of embarassment, forcing another move and name change to PNG – Persona Non Gratis.

  • fools

    Will this be on television? or able to stream online?

  • Leen

    @Kevin, I dont think its fair to say that about HRT, HRT is restructuring and choose to do this during a time of testing, which is of course hurting less than doing this during the rest of the full season. Because HRT had no upgrade planned for the test anyways and they jsut got their cars back into their headquarters they will be focussing on improving the package inhouse. Something which is smart for a small team like HRT has a test cost allot of money. After the full restructioning has been completed you can expect more from HRT (next year)

  • Leen

    smart move of Caterham to receive some needed sponsership money for these test, however not sure why the official test driver: Alexander Rossi is not getting the test (as official test driver), im assuming that his sponsers already paid to do test drives.

  • McLarenFan

    @ Kevin

    I agree with LEEN

    While I take on board what you are saying they could do a thousand laps with the car it will not make it any better at present.
    No KERS. They needs the updates which are not ready and without them they will get no extra speed as the updates will be to make the car more balanced and increase the down-force.
    They already have data to crunch from the fly aways to which they might find a tenth from just by analysis.
    Given they have ford power the only way they can get anything out of the car is aerodynamics.
    so in reality this test is of no real use to them at this time, if they had Kers the new aero pack and a better form of power behind them then yes they should test.