Raikkonen can win second title in 2012 says Salo

Mika Salo (FIN) talks with Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) Lotus F1. Formula One World Championship, Rd2, Malaysian Grand Prix, Practice, Sepang, Malaysia, Friday 23 March 2012.

Mika Salo with Kimi Raikkonen

Apr.25 (GMM) Kimi Raikkonen can add a second title to his tally – in 2012, claims the 2007 world champion’s fellow countryman Mika Salo, who now commentates on Finnish television MTV3.

In the fourth race of Raikkonen’s return to F1 from rallying, the 32-year-old last weekend challenged Sebastian Vettel for victory in Bahrain, finishing second for Lotus.

Five years after his title with Ferrari, he is 19 points from the head of the 2012 drivers’ championship.

“The most consistent team has been Lotus,” former grand prix driver Salo said. “They’ve been fast at every circuit so far.

“In that sense, Kimi’s situation looks very good. I would not exclude it at all that he will be fighting at the very end of the championship, if Lotus is able to maintain the pace of development.”

It is on Salo’s final point that Lotus’ 2012 season will really be made.

“They (as Renault) also began the previous season just as well, but soon after they were nowhere,” observed the Swiss commentator Marc Surer, speaking on Austrian television Servus TV.

“So the real question is ‘Do they have the resources to develop the car and stay where they are now?'”

Even if Lotus’ challenge fades, the future for Raikkonen – who has surprised some experts with his re-adaptation to F1 after two years of rallying – is bright, Surer insisted.

“I think he has shown everyone that he is still able to do just what he was doing before [leaving F1]”, he said.

“He is a lot younger than Schumacher, and if you look at the past ten years, he is probably one of the best talents that we have seen in F1.”

Surer said he could therefore imagine Raikkonen leaving Lotus and returning to a ‘top’ team, but he wouldn’t know which one to recommend.

“Everything is so balanced this year that it’s impossible to pick a car that he could win the championship in.”

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  • Alex

    And that he will!

    You got this Kimi!

  • Kartik

    If Kimi changes a team then He must be go to the top team which he never had been that will give him a championship surely

  • Evel

    Go Kimi!
    I remember watching Kimi in the Sauber all those years ago and realizing how much talent he had.
    I have always supported Schumacher but Raikkonen is my second choice.
    I’ll be cheering him on this season, I think he has a greater chance of winning the WDC than Schumacher who seems to be affected by a run of bad luck at the moment.

  • Hawk

    rubbish. he wants to be heard. i didnt read anything new or special in his comment. maybe Surer who was more philosophical. i can list more than a handful of drivers who can win this title, if blah blah….. he shd have said this before/after Sepang for me to listen, because then no one (very few) would see it.

  • vX-2

    too bad RBR has resigned webber…. otherwise, KR with SV would be best lineup for RBR.

  • iSawab

    Kimi will have a strong 2012 if the team keeps their act together a lot more consistently. The China tyre call was a disaster. Made you cringe.

  • george

    That would be the cherry on top to the return of the Iceman!!