Official F1 website brought down by hacktivists

Formula 1 logoApr.21 (GMM) Internet hackers have threatened to wreak havoc as they sided against F1 over the sport’s decision to push ahead with the highly controversial Bahrain grand prix this weekend.

The well-known ‘hacktivists’ group Anonymous brought down F1’s official website on Friday, slamming Bernie Ecclestone as “evil” and threatening the “worst sh**storm” if the track action continues to proceed this weekend in the troubled island Kingdom.

“Attacks on their [the teams’] computer servers could prevent the race taking place,” the Daily Express newspaper speculated.

Anonymous also took control of another specialist website, posting a statement that accused the sport of supporting the Bahrain government despite the country’s “human rights situation” and saying F1 will now “be punished”.

In an awkward official press conference on Friday, team bosses continued to support the sport’s decision to press ahead with the race.

“Ultimately we’re a race team,” said McLaren and FOTA’s Martin Whitmarsh. “We’re here to go motor racing and that’s our number one priority.”

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  • Bec

    If Anonymous really wanted to something significant, they’d take down the Sky TV feed, but as I suspect many people realise, Anonymous are hackers, so have an affinity with the Murdochs’ who themselves hack into e-mails. phones and rivals TV encryption.

  • Colin

    Has anybody posting in their objections here taken time to understand the background behind these disturbances? Those who have will understand that there are real similarities between this and the Northern Ireland situation several years ago with Suni and Shiite religions at the core of the disturbances and with Iran strongly backing and fuelling the Shiite protesters. It aint going to be fixed by just bringing down a government (which is how some simpleton reporters see it). John Lennons lyrics to Imagine have never been so beautiful.