Massa performance in China blasted by media

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa

Apr.16 (GMM) An Italian journalist has reported that he is more than unimpressed with Felipe Massa’s lack of progress Shanghai.

Already before the Chinese grand prix, La Stampa correspondent Stefano Mancini was calling on Ferrari to axe the struggling Brazilian driver.

Massa then qualified twelfth in Shanghai, equalling his Sepang achievement, but dropped to thirteenth by the time the chequered flag waved.

“I think that as far as my race was concerned, this was a step forward compared to the first two races,” he insisted.

Mancini, however, is continuing to severely criticise the 30-year-old.

“A Ferrari that would like to introduce a third car is still racing with just one driver,” he wrote.

“Massa is a useless presence; not yet scoring a point and only wasting petrol.”

Interestingly, however, Mancini is no longer one of those who think Ferrari should immediately drop Massa and replace him with the team’s top development driver Sergio Perez.

“He’s too young and inexperienced to do anything about it (Ferrari’s situation): better to take him from Sauber at the end of the year,” he said.

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  • Psych4191

    This is just stupid. Felipe did everything he could. He drove a hell of a race. Anyone that doesn’t see that is just looking for a scape goat.

  • Lol.

    “Will furnish you. I see her left front is down on the rim. But ur response on the following please. I have a small company and the sensational airport arrest of the blond cyberpsychn will be priceless media exposure! And her in handcufffs carrying ur flowers .such graphic drama. Are u game?”

    What the..?

  • RoyA

    what the hell went wrong with the last para?

  • jimmy

    Psych, you are right. Ferrari has to stop using him as testdummy for parts and strategy during the race. Mancini, Alonso drove a much worse race despite the 2 points.

  • Alex

    Well I must admit that Massa drove a solid race, and he sure did make sure that it looked solid, but holding up guys who were 3 stop or early 1st stop.

    I was so mad that Kimi lapping 1sec faster was stuck behind him. All drivers had problems overtaking slower cars. They drove very aggressive and burned more of their Pirelli’s than needed.

    So yeah….I’m disappointed with Massa, but even more with Lotus, for not looking after Kimi, who could have at least take 6-10th position if they were real about his tyre degradation. Timing of both pitstops wasnt great either, he lost positions with both pitstops.

  • McLarenFan

    @ Lol. I think you need your meds.
    Massa is driving fine he is not Alonso and the car is a DONKEY.
    Massa is not a bad no:2 at present. Get the donkey up to a reasonable level then see what he can do if he is still at the back then replace him until then stop being out for his blood.
    Instead look at the fact the team has built a car that is racing with the HRT.

  • Lol.


    There was something there as it was also seen by RoyA. Clearly it has been removed.

  • McLarenFan

    @ Lol. Fair enough!

  • aks

    c mon dnt u realise that the car itself is useless,i agree massa is not in the best of forms and he is having a tough partner for comparision but plz b4 u point ur finger at somebody see how the car is behaving do a lil homework go through the statistics,teams like williams and sauber are licking them on straights,thanx to alonso that he is really mustling that donkey,infact they should change the logo from pirancing horses to jumping donkey dnt blame alonso give him a mc laren or a lotus and then watch alonso and massa kicking everybodys arse.first of all tell ferrari to do up the car then talk

  • aks

    sorry i meant dont blame massa in the last sentence

  • me262

    that would be a media stunt…I mean her in handcuffs carrying flowers…dont think cyberpsychn would be happy. Massa is getting furnished too

  • Psych4191

    @aks, Jumping Donkey it is.

    This is like 2009. When the Ferrari was just awful, Kimi was taking it into Q3 while whoever was there after Massa (badoer and Fisichella) couldn’t muscle it out of Q1. It’s simply a dog of a car.. A Jumping Donkey.