Media praise Alonso for saving Ferrari from disaster

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari, right. Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Sunday 18 March 2012.

Fernando Alonso starred for Ferrari in Melbourne

Mar.20 (GMM) Fernando Alonso was spared the Italian media’s wrath after Ferrari opened its 2012 F1 world championship campaign with the troubled and ‘complex’ F2012 which has not delivered to the team’s expectations and was way off the top pace in Melbourne.

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Race, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Sunday 18 March 2012.

Fernando finished fifth in the season opener

“Alonso once again saved Ferrari from disaster,” said the authoritative La Gazzetta dello Sport, after the Spanish driver drove the car to fifth place in Australia.

The under-pressure Felipe Massa’s opening race, however, “was a nightmare”, the daily newspaper added.

Jaime Alguersuari, the former Toro Rosso driver who is now a media analyst, also praised fellow Spaniard Alonso.

“For Ferrari, it is an unique advantage to have a driver like Fernando Alonso,” he told El Mundo newspaper.

“He did a sensational [on] Sunday, with intelligence and ambition, which will push and raise the team, I’m sure.”

Alonso remains confident.

“There may be cars quicker than us now,” he is quoted by Britain’s Daily Mail, “but it’s like Manchester United or Chelsea who play badly for a game but still win 1-0.

“Before this race we were working 24 hours (a day),” Alonso is quoted by Marca, “now it must be 25.”

Felipe Massa

Felipe Massa had a woeful race in Melbourne

The Spanish press, however, is livid.

“The fifth place is really a miracle,” said the sports daily Marca. “The car is ridiculous, rendering the team a midfielder.”

Jenson Button, meanwhile, received universal praise from the international press corps, as did the fact that Red Bull‘s dominance appears to have been knocked by McLaren.

“That’s good news for everybody except (Sebastian) Vettel,” insisted Corriere dello Sport.

The fight, however, has just begun.

“Vettel turned the middling new Red Bull into a good race car,” said Gazzetta, referring to the German’s performance on Sunday, “which is a warning to the opposition.

“He is still the world champion, and he will be hunting his first triumph of the year in Sepang.”

Tuttosport, meanwhile, said that Mercedes – which until Sunday’s race was the talk of the Melbourne paddock – was the “big disappointment” of the 2012 opener.

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  • Firoze Munzeer

    Praise for Alonso although I am a McLaren fan. He is definitely the best driver in the field. I hope Ferrari will improve the car for him. I hope to see better races with McLaren Ferrari and Mercedes taking the fight to Red Bull.

    As for Masa what can one say. Lewis was the scapegoat last year. This year let us see who it will be. He drove worse than a rookie. He could have avoided the accident. I am waiting to see what the stewards report on the incident.

  • visz963

    The best driver, huh? Maldonado was faster than him in a cheap Williams.

    And the best driver does not toss stewards after making spins, making himself a clown.

    Alonso is the best media player, nothing more.

  • Zurf

    visz963 : your comments are always very critical about Alonso.. Why you hate him so much? Maybe alonso take your GF away. So pathetic…

  • Alex

    Alonso is not the best driver, he is definitely one of the best.

    After this season is finished we will see who was the best driver of this season :)

  • Tamburello_1994


    You’d might as well say at this point:

    ” Who you gonna believe. . . . Me, or your lying eyes.”


  • gouthamgmv

    @visz963 Maldonado had a faster car but he never got through. I guess, by your logic, that means Alonso’s better than him.

    And Alonso never tossed the stewards, he simply showed some ‘in-the-moment’ anger towards one of the marshals, for which he subsequently apologized for.

    Come back with better ones, mate.

    Forza Ferrari!

  • fools

    Great job Alonso. Proving to the world what you can do in a slower car. Just wait till Ferrari brings him his needs. He will dominate. Be assured teams are relieved Alonso isnt in a good car or he would of his 3rd or 4th Championship by now. That is the only obstacle. visz, stop hating. you know you love him.

  • fools

    If Ferrari can make a good car. Alonso will win this years championship. Enough said.



    When Ferrari delivers a “good” car to Alonso he will win the championship. He proves it all the time a turtle car.


  • fools

    When Ferrari delivers a “good” car to Alonso he will win the championship. He proves it all the time a turtle car.


  • McHare

    Alonso is a great driver that really should be clocking up WDC’s like Schumacher in his hey day but he needs to change teams. Every year since I can remember the Ferrari boss has said that we will work harder 26, 27 or whatever hours a day. The Ferrari designers must be absolutely spent by now. Working longer or harder doesn’t promote the kind of free thinking necessary for F1 and with mad Monty in charge, it’s unlikely things will change in the next few years. Get out Fred and give yourself a chance.

  • fools

    Alonso needs a good car. not a decent one. IN order to move up the grid and have a chance to to push for 1st

  • Alibenski

    Such a shame that Ferrari has not given him a good car…
    The car does not have to be the fastest and quickest, but just competitive enough to fight and Alonso will do the rest…

    And yes, he is one of the best drivers in this era, if not the best, with the way he has been driving that Ferrari for the past and current seasons… Tú eres el mejor, Fernando!!!

  • visz963

    All Alonso lovers mindless slaves.

    Alonso finishing 5th is 99% due to Ferrari’s launch control, nothing to do with capabilities. Look at Massa’s start, the same.

    Just keep lying to yourselves.

    Alonso is a second class driver with good self-marketing skills, period. More than 50% of the current pilots is faster or more intelligent than him, he is lcuky to be team member with Massa.

  • Jacko

    visz963, please take your next opportunity to visit a psychiatrist, because you are clearly delusional. OR perhaps you wish to start an argument.

    Fernando Alonso is among the top 2 drivers in F1; the other being Button of course.

    re: Launch control: No cars have it this year.

    BTW – Maldonado is the worst driver in F1. Regardless of whether he outpaced his teammate or not, he is a dirty twat, and ruined Grosjean’s race, before demonstrating he doesn’t know his own limits on lap 58.

  • visz963

    Wrong. Cars do have launch control, although not in the traditional form. If you dont know that, you know shit.

    Button is a way better driver than Alonso, and he is not in the top 2.

    Maldonado may be the worst driver, and yet he is faster than Alonso. Needless to say more.

    Sorry to say, but you do not seem to be a bit silly for this forum.

  • Checkitout

    Visv or whatever your name is, listen man, you clearly have no idea what F1 is and who to support and what to look for when you come to support someone. Alosno is by far the MOST amzing drier in F1, he brought a shit car from 12th to 4th then due to saftey car he went to 5th, and are you insane? Seriously bringing out maldonado to compare with Alonso, what do you have up your @ss? listen you incompetent douche bag, how about you quite visiting the pages with alonso in, and probably search tele-tubbies or some barney because you clearly have no idea what f1 is and how to support or even how to comment. I bet your the marshall he got pissed at and now your crying because he did that to you on tv haha! you stupid stupid person. FORZA FERRARI and the SPANIARD!!!

  • Twiinz

    +1 @ Check it out

    Visz is irrelevant. His comments have no merit. Ignore him and maybe he will go away. :)

  • visz963

    Twiinz (=fools = checkitout, etc) please dont post under several names because no one is interested in you talking to yourself.

  • Checkitout

    Awwh did I hit your soft part sweety? Hahahaha!

    P.S I’m none of them, I’m Checkitout and I’ve owned you biatch!

  • visz963

    Looks like your lost… I dont mind.

    I will enjoy the the show troughout the year. Alonso crying and you with him! Yummie.


    ….ha ha ha ha ha visz963. The season is now 6 races gone and Fernando is leading the Drivers World Championship!!! I hope you feel a bit stupid visz963, BECAUSE YOU ARE!!!