BBC’s delayed coverage enjoys surge in viewers

sky tv televisionMar.20 (GMM) The BBC’s delayed and edited highlights of Sunday’s Australian grand prix attracted more viewers than the British broadcaster’s live coverage of the same Melbourne race a year ago.

From 2012, F1’s television coverage for Britain is being shared between pay-channel Sky – who have the full-time live rights – and the public broadcaster BBC.

Last year, the BBC’s live coverage of the 2011 season opener averaged 2.13 million viewers.

But the delayed highlights package for 2012, aired hours after the race finished between 2 and 4pm, attracted 2.7 million viewers.

The figures may, however, be a one-off, with Australia usually among the lowest-rating races in Europe due to the very early morning live timeslot.

Sky’s live coverage of the pay-channel’s 2012 coverage, meanwhile, averaged just 526,000 viewers.

A spokesman for the channel refused to comment on whether Sky was disappointed with the figures.

“It is the performance of the whole (F1) channel we are interested in. We are pleased with the launch of the channel overall,” he told the Guardian.

Eight of F1’s 12 teams are based in Britain.

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  • Bec

    The BBC live coverage was at 6:00am in the morning and got nearly the same as this years prime time highlights, but less than last years re-run.

    Sky’s figures were very disappointing considering they were expecting 1.34 million, and that it was their first race with 2 Brits on the front row, and with the ‘honeymoon’ effect.

    Overall viewing figures in the UK dropped by about 18%
    While live viewers dropped by 24.6%

    The early signs are that the sponsors have lost nearly £5million in AVE brand awareness … Accurate figures available next week.

  • Alex

    Enjoyed Sky’s coverage for all three days.

    Looking forward to this weekend!

  • Tamburello_1994

    We lot only get the SPEED-FEED.

  • Bec

    7 teams refused to cooperate with Sky in Melbourne, this was due to Sky running stories on their news channel and web site that showed the teams in a bad light.

    The head of SSF1 in Oz had to quickly phone BSkyB and get them to drop the stories.

    I wondered why the post race analysis was so poor.

  • assad khan

    i have sky f1 channel and hated every moment of the commentating and the whole programme, I realise it is their first airing but i watched the bbc highlights on iplayer yesterday and loved every moment of it, i will cancel my sky sports package , bbc here i come