Malaysia will not modify circuit to host night race

Mar.16 (GMM) Sepang circuit management will not modify its circuit in order to organise a Formula 1 night race, organisers of the Malaysian grand prix said on Friday.

Melbourne – in a similar timezone – is coming under increasing pressure from Bernie Ecclestone to install floodlights and host its race at night, to better serve the core live television audience back in Europe.

But Razlan Razali, Sepang chief executive, said the F1 chief executive is putting “no pressure” on Malaysia, whose 2012 race will be held next weekend.

“Why do a night race when most other circuits do not do it?” he told reporters.

Already, Singapore hosts its annual street race under lights, while the Abu Dhabi grand prix begins at twilight and concludes at night.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    But Razlan, you should understand that if you do the race at night, it is better because it is less hot.. Don’t you know the weather in malaysia…

  • vX-2

    I don’t think it’s about the temperature….. it’ll still stayed hot even if it’s a night race; but it’s more likely to have less chance of tropical rain…. racing result in Sepang is 50% rain affected. And given the area where it is highly likely to rain in the afternoon for at least 2hrs… but that is what makes it an exciting event/ circuit there.

  • Ikmal

    It’s better rain in the evening than in the night, right? The unpredictable weather in Malaysia can be worse for F1 if they race in the night,, :D

  • farizY

    Pffft….Night race, probably one of the lamest idea in formula 1….