Kubica drives kart after testing rally car

Robert Kubica drove a kart at Montecatini-Terme track in Italy

Robert Kubica drove a kart at Montecatini-Terme track in Italy

Mar.14 (GMM) Robert Kubica seems to be back on track again, according to the latest reports from Italy where it has emerged that a few days ago, the Pole moved his recovery from serious injury forwards by returning to the wheel of a Skoda Fabia rally car in Liguria, Italy.

La Gazzetta dello Sport now reports that the former BMW and Renault driver has tested a kart at a circuit in Montecatini-Terme, Tuscany.

Former Renault boss Flavio Briatore advises Kubica not to rush his return to F1.

“I have seen him a few times and have told him not to hurry back. You cannot lose your talent, but first you should focus on your health – 100 per cent,” he told Italy’s Sky Sport 24.

Briatore recalled the case of former Benetton driver Alessandro Nannini, who badly injured his arm in a helicopter crash in 1990.

“He hurried back and we all know how that ended,” said Briatore.

“I think Kubica will succeed, but he needs to plan to come back in two years. You can’t be in F1 if you’re not 100 per cent.”

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  • k

    Flavio is right that it’s better not to rush certain decisions, especially when the season is already underway. However the fact that Robert drove his Fabia WRC (yeap WRC) after such a massive crash is amazing. When he’s back be sure that he will be as good as ever if not better. I can’t wait to see him dashing through the narrow streets of Monaco! Crazy stuff!

    Best of luck Robert!

  • Shibby Forza Ferrari

    Hah Flavio is bit scared of Robert crushing Alonso when he drives for Ferrari.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    It’s a shock that he still went and drive a rally car after his big crash.. In the car that he crashed.. I guess we can all say Flavio is right… I’m sure now Flavio has regretted after being banned from F1..

  • http://www.gmofilm.com FOOLS

    I dont know about that Flavio being scared for Alonso. If anything there good friends and Alonso would win anyways.

  • Mildseven

    I cant wait for him to be back. Such a good clean driver. As for Flavio miss that fat italian bugger. But his stupid crashgate was a bit too much.

  • TheFuture

    Petronas on the helmet? Kubica to replace Schumi on return to F1? Even if Schumi extends for one more year the timings seem plausible.

  • Schiedam79

    @TheFuture: nah, just one of his old BMW Sauber-helmets. See below on the mouthpiece, a Certina sticker. Also one of the financiel backers then.

  • Shibby Forza Ferrari

    Fools, haha remember how Kubica (Renault) took Alonso (Ferrari) in the chicane in 2010. In the same car he crushes him, mark my words. You will see this year or the next.