Renault already hard at work on 2014 turbo engine

Current Renault F1 engine

Current Renault F1 V8 engine

Mar.13 (GMM) F1 engine supplier Renault is now devoting 70 per cent of its efforts into the sport’s new 6-cylinder turbo formula for 2014.

This year’s championship and the next are the last in which the cars will be powered by the current generation of normally-aspirated V8s.

“We are now working 70% on the new engine,” engine supplier Renault Sport F1’s Jean-Francois Caubet told Germany’s Auto Bild.

“Next year it will be 100%,” he added.

Renault supplies the Lotus, Williams and Caterham teams, as well as current champions Red Bull.

The report said Renault’s estimated cost of development for the 1.6 litre V6 is EUR 50 million.

A significant part of that is KERS.

“That (KERS) is an integral part of the new engine,” Caubet explained. “In 2014 we will supply Red Bull not only with the engine, but the complete powertrain.”

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  • Alex

    I hope it wont sound like a whimpy Rally Car :(

  • McLaren fan

    I hope it still has the scream, and a hint of turbo whistle. off throttle but no dump noises.

  • Mark

    No matter guys since these are the rules we have to live with the outcome ! Although I must agree with everyone we will miss the screaming !!The main question is the TORQUE , what will be the difference ?

  • Nowhereman

    Physics are physics.
    It will sound like a go kart race on steroids.
    They will run lighter cars but, corner acceleration will be almost non-existent with all the anti downforce restrictions.
    They will paint a positive spin about it with “green” technology.
    Quite frankly, if the motor stops world hunger or cures cancer, then I’m impressed.
    F1 is becoming a carnival and this is just part of it.
    BTW, they are saving nothing financially as the cost of new engine development is outrageous.
    Bring back the V10s and 12s as the pinnacle of motor sport should not be V6s with forced induction.

  • mark

    Forget about TORQUE !
    like the guy said either you live with it or quit watching !

  • MattyB

    you guys all for real?? have you not herd the new engines???
    scream man they are awesome!!! was a little worried myself until the release of the merc engine…. read it and see if your opinion changes!!
    Enjoy the racing