Alonso proud “even without third F1 WDC title”

Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso

Feb.28 (GMM) Fernando Alonso has revealed that “he would be happy even if he fails to add a third Formula 1 world championship to his current tally”.

The Spaniard already has two titles in his pocket from his Renault days, and is now aiming for a third – in  his third consecutive season with Ferrari.

But the F2012 has not looked a world-beater in pre-season testing, and Alonso told Spanish reporters at a Santander sponsor event this week: “If I didn’t win another championship, I would go out [of F1] with my head held high.

“At least I have won already, while some others leave without winning a single race,” he is quoted from the Jarama circuit, by Marca sports newspaper.

At the same time, he scolded any analysis that is already writing off Ferrari for 2012.

“There has been a tendency, especially from the media, to say that the car is bad and we are not having a good winter, but they don’t understand.

“We are very calm because the car is very complex and there’s no reason to believe that it won’t be quick.

“The thing that is costing all of us is to get back the grip lost at the rear of the car by the blown diffusers ban, but I think it will be recovered soon,” added Alonso.

This week, in Barcelona, the last test before the Melbourne season-opener will begin, but Alonso denies that the pecking-order is about to be revealed.

“Australia is a strange race because it’s a different circuit, so we will begin to see things from the third race I think,” he said, referring to China (in April).

“What is important, if we cannot win immediately, is that no driver wins all three or four.”

But Alonso insisted that even a rough estimate of the events in Melbourne and beyond is impossible to make now.

“At the moment the conclusions are zero – super-zero,” he said. “Hopefully we will not be seventh,” Alonso smiled, “and everything else is guesswork.

“It is assumed that Red Bull will not be stuck in Q2 and that McLaren and Mercedes will not be far away, but these are only assumptions.

“Testing in Barcelona for us ended better than it started, but it’s not as though we were in a tunnel and now we see the light. Our team is working hard and well.”

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  • visz963

    Another series of excuses from Alonso.

    He cannot win without the best car, so he explains that he is good nonetheless.

    Save this crap, better do something on the track, if you can.

  • fools

    why dont you just save your comments until the season starts visz96gay? Clearly you LOVE Alonso and wish him the best.

  • fools

    we all know who visz96 is going for. HIS LOVE for Alonso unfolds.

  • Nowhereman

    I believe Alonso is probably the most honest driver out there.
    He doesn’t blow daisys up anyone’s rear end.
    He understands the technical aspects of an F1 car better than any driver currently with an F1 licence short of Schumi.
    Ferrari has money but, they are held back by FIA restrictions.
    They will have a very good car this year and if it is within a tenth of RB, he will win his share of races this year.
    Lets no speculate on what we supposedly read between the lines.
    Having 6 WCs racing is a dream for F1 fans.
    I myself always like one team beating the snot out of the others.It breeds technology development in cars and shows how good certain drivers are in less than world beating machines.
    IMHO, Ferrari’s issue is in the mapping flexibilty of their powerplants. That aspect is super critical.

  • Sam

    Being Alonso fan, I wouldn’t want him to be in the fastest car because that would be easy and so boring. 2nd or 3 fastest car will be fun watching his talent at the top & on the edge fighting…and with some luck, wins his 3rd tittle…He is the only driver that truly impressed me after the great Senna.

  • Damon

    2 Sam Alonso will be without third F1 WDC title forever! The ONLY driver that truly impressed me after the great Senna is Vettel!