Salo surprised that Ferrari kept Massa for 2012

Mika Salo (FIN). Formula One World Championship, Rd 4, Turkish Grand Prix, Race Day, Istanbul Park, Turkey, Sunday 8 May 2011.

Mika Salo

Feb.17 (GMM) Former Ferrari driver Mika Salo has admitted to s surprise that his former team continues to honour Felipe Massa’s contract for the 2012 season.

The Finn, who raced at the famous Maranello team for a time in 1999 after Michael Schumacher broke his leg, said Fernando Alonso is the “clear number one” nowadays.

“I don’t think Massa will be staying after this season,” former Sauber and Toyota driver Salo, who attended last week’s Jerez test, told the Finnish broadcaster MTV3.

“I was surprised that he was allowed to continue this year.”

Salo, 45, said there is a similar pecking-order at Red Bull, where Sebastian Vettel last year utterly dominated his teammate Mark Webber.

He also commented on McLaren‘s duo, comprising two world champions.

“If McLaren has a good car then the drivers will be taking points off one another — that’s not something that will happen in the other teams.

“On the track, (Lewis) Hamilton is the fastest but not quite as smart as (Jenson) Button in the races.”

Salo sees less of a close battle at Lotus this year, where his countryman Kimi Raikkonen is returning to F1 alongside GP2 champion Romain Grosjean.

“Kimi should be much faster than Grosjean,” he said, “who is only there because [Eric] Boullier is his manager.”

As for Williams‘ lineup of Pastor Maldonado alongside Bruno Senna, Salo said: “I think this is one of the worst pairings. Both are susceptible to mistakes.

“Senna had few good races last year but faded badly by the end.

“Maldonado is a bit of a hothead, so I don’t see it being a good year for them.

“For [test driver] Valtteri Bottas there could be a good opportunity to get a race.”

  • Alex

    horrible glasses

  • SN

    this man is absolutely nuts..and why the hell, he keeps on criticizing each and every driver, he’s acting like as if he was legend..just fly a kite old man..let the boys run and youuuuuuuu better sit and watch how hungry they are without scolding..

  • SN

    why this man is barking like hell as if he gonna come back..even he’s not a so called legend in da 1st place to criticize other drivers..they are driving because they have got the skills to do, C’mon man…maybe cz of ur age..just sit and watch how hungry they are

  • saki

    he better remain silent.who is he?he is not known to anybody and just keep on criticising other drivers.
    just shut ur big fat mouth.

  • Junior_Johnson

    at saki
    no no no! mika salo was an incredibly fast driver. He was probably just as fast as button and definitely much faster than hammy.
    The problem was that he was teamates with the famous guy called Michael.Michaels car used to have active suspension and Mikas didnt so Michael always used to beat him and unfortunaley made him look a bit silly but the truth is Mika could have beaten Mr S.This has something to do with a big fight between Mika and Ross Brawn but thats another story.
    I’m not surprised Massa stays.
    He was so fast and would have won the championship in 2008 if a nail from the car in front hadnt hit him on the head!
    SInce then its been a struggle for him but all indications are that hes getting back his lost reflexes and will once again be super fast.
    Why drop a guy under these circumstances.
    I mean who can forget how he dominated in 2008!

    By the way Im sorry for my english but im sure its progressing very nice to a halt :)

  • Warren

    Silent is golden, even you’re Vettel.

  • Sennauno

    sour grapes sour grapes haha god there’s a lot of rubbish posted around here

    Good onya Mika, get in there! this man shoulda been given a better drive..he did well with Schumi’s Ferrari in 99