Sutil appeals against assault conviction

Adrian Sutil (GER) Force India F1. Formula One World Championship, Rd 5, Spanish Grand Prix, Preparations, Barcelona, Spain, Thursday 19 May 2011.

Adrian Sutil

Feb.8 (GMM) Recently axed F1 driver  Adrian Sutil has decided to appeal his conviction of grievous bodily harm.

Last week, the former Force India driver was handed an 18-month suspended sentence and fined $260,000 for injuring Lotus team executive Eric Lux with a broken glass in a Shanghai nightclub last April.

German news agencies DPA and SID on Wednesday quoted his manager Manfred Zimmermann as confirming the filing of an appeal.

A court spokeswoman confirmed the news to the major daily newspaper Bild Zeitung.

Sutil decided to appeal “because we are convinced the judgement is not appropriate,” Zimmermann said.

The court spokeswoman revealed that the public prosecutor, having originally asked for a 21-month sentence and $395,000 fine, is also appealing the judge’s sentence.

The appeal hearing will also take place in a Munich court.

  • Firoze Munzeer

    Hamilton is absolutely right in staying away. He does not need any more confrontations – he had enough last season. He does not need to start this season with a stupid court case. Sutil had no right to attack with a broken glass – why not use his fists. Only cowards use sharp implements. What if he severed an artery. Idiot

  • Stewy33

    The bottom line is: No statement has been released on what really happened here. For all we know Hamilton could of instigated this whole event and that’s why Hammy’s body guards got him out of their so fast. The real story other than the attack, fines, and stitches is the only real information we got. We need the real truth and no one is talking!

  • me262

    @firoze munzeer

    Lightly agree with your opinions but im not one to have a solid opinion without knowing 99% of the facts. Im a fan of starting a statement knowing only the facts through a press medium along the lines of ‘It is alleged’ or ‘by the sounds of things’. Sutil allegedly attacked him with a champagne. Sutil’s claim was only meant to throw drink in his face…

    pd. more like ‘severed the artery’? !

  • Xav

    Hamilton can´t choose weather to attend or not the court case. He´s being required to declare what he saw. He is a witness in the case and sooner or later he can be forced to attend. He can keep himself out once or twice, but after that they can use the public force to make him attend and talk about what happened in that night club according on what he saw and/or heard.