World champions unleash Newey’s Red Bull RB8 masterpiece

Red Bull RB8

Red Bull RB8

Feb.6 (Grand Prix 247) Reigning world champions Red Bull Racing today unveiled the RB8, designed by Adrian Newey, which will carry their hopes of attaining a hat-trick of both constructors and drivers F1 world championship titles. Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber will once again spearhead the team’s onslaught on the biggest prize in motorsport.

The car features the stepped up nose as seen on all the cars unveiled thus far, except on the McLaren MP4-27. Newey who penned the last two F1 world championship conquering cars for the energy drinks stable said: “The restriction nose height which is a maximum height just in front of the front bulkhead hasn’t really changed the chassis shape very much. We’ve kept more or less the same chassis shape, but had to drop the nose just in front of the front bulkhead, which, in common with many other teams, has led us to I think I’d probably say a slightly ugly looking nose.”

He added, “We’ve tried to style it as best we can, but it’s not a feature you would choose to put in were it not for the regulation. I’d say RB8 is the fourth generation of what started with the 2009 car, the RB5. So I guess this is the great grandson of that car.”

Team principal Christian Horner outlined the team’s objectives: “The team’s goals are quite simple. It’s to try and defend both titles in the manner [in which] we achieved them. Of course, when you’ve achieved what we have, particularly in 2011, we’ve set a very high standard for ourselves. But, we’re always looking to improve, we’re always looking, in all areas, to try and do better. We can’t control what our opponents do, we’re up against some formidable opponents, but we can only really focus on ourselves and only when we get to Melbourne will we truly know where we sit against our rivals.”

Red Bull RB8

Red Bull RB8

  • Butterfly

    Well, it’s 99.99% RB7 with a dash of platypus.

  • Stefan Marjoram

    platypus/letterbox combo

  • F1 Follower 1991

    Looks nigh on indentical to the RB7 apart from obviously the step nose. I think from first pespective that the Lotus Renault team have got the most sleek looking “step” nose as theres no sudden drop like the others.

    One thing i did notice on the Mclaren was a diffuser type device underneath the front nose cone that channeled air underneath the car? Or am my eyes decieving me?

    The RB8 is definately just an evolution as Newey as stated, i suppose you cant improve somethings that already nigh on perfect. Is that a vent inbetween the monocoque and the nosecone where the step is btw? Could be an ingenius design to channel air underneath the car in that case!

  • Zurf

    look like Newey has lost the Innovation..

  • fools

    im tired of hearing about this platpus look, nose-bugers, etc whatever…stfu! lol. who cares. It’s devoplopment at its finest…now what..? .since everybody has seen the “step nose” and RB8 adopted it as well…can we all say that all f-1 cars are ugly now? or are we judging by colors now? mann i never heard so many babies talk about a nose. apperenty its there for its reasons, grow up kids. candy still has sugar. sheesh.

  • Clyde

    Aggressively looking platypus, I would say. More like some Star Wars X-wing with R2D2 in driver’s seat :) May the force be with you, RB8!

  • Butterfly


    OMG, some driver should paint his helmet to look like R2D2.

  • scaramanga

    How can you call it a masterpeice? It hasn’t even raced yet. The RB7 was a masterpeice for sure.

    Poor quality journalism at its best. Well done.

  • Butterfly


    Ah, they’re young journalists, maybe.

    The RB7 was possibly the best car in the history of F1 judging by its performance relative to its pears.

    I mean, my god, winning at Spa and Monza with the least-powerful engine on the grid says something about the car. Truly brilliant.

  • Schumifan

    any real pics of the car..the sidepods,front-wing look the same as RB7.but the underbody is very different.its not what Newey claimed a few months back that “RB8 will amaze everyone”.

  • CK

    @ butterfly

    Naa. As much as it annoys me to say it, Ferrari in the early part of the 2000’s was probably the most remarkable car in F1 history…

    As for the journalist, have they ever proof-read their documents? I found at least one spelling error just reading it once…

  • me262


    someone got up on the wrong side of the bed
    let ppl have opinions, sheesh

  • Nemo

    Interesting airduct on the step of the nose.

  • Obvious

    @butterfly That would be choice….

  • Evel

    ‘The RB7 was possibly the best car in the history of F1 judging by its performance relative to its pears’
    Sorry Butterfly – that honour belongs to the McLaren MP4-4 which won all but one race in the 1998 season.

    The RB8 will only be a masterpiece if it wins races.

  • sennauno


    i’d hate to correct a correction but that was 1988 (typo)

    The McLaren mp4-4 holds ‘best car over one season in history’ the Ferrari 312T holds ‘best car in history’ with 27 wins in 5 years. The turbo charged mp4-4 only ran for one season to make way for the NA mp4-5 in 89

  • F1 Follower 1991

    You cant really compare the mid 70’s with the late 80’s though as it was considered pretty much the norm to turn year on year with pretty much the same design, apart from Lotus haha! :)

    Im pretty sure if the turbo charging rules werent banned for 89 youd see McLaren turn up up with the MP4-4 again with just minor tweaks and wipe the field again! :P