Sutil: I am extremely sorry I never wanted for this to happen

Adrian Sutil (GER) Force India F1. Formula One World Championship, Rd 5, Spanish Grand Prix, Preparations, Barcelona, Spain, Thursday 19 May 2011.

Adrian Sutil

Jan.30 (Reuters) Former Force India Formula One driver Adrian Sutil told a Munich court on Monday that he had made efforts to settle a row over a night club brawl last year with Eric Lux but had failed to do so despite repeated apologies.

Eric Lux

Eric Lux

The German, who has yet to find a race seat this year, is charged with attacking and injuring Lux, chief executive of Renault F1 team owners Genii Capital, in a Shanghai nightclub after the Chinese Grand Prix last year.

Lux needed stitches for a neck wound.

“I did everything to try to settle this row,” Sutil told the court, adding he had even offered to support a Lux charity project in Africa.

“I am really sorry, extremely sorry. I never wanted for this to happen,” said Sutil, dressed in a dark suit and tie.

The Renault team has since been renamed Lotus. Force India have already announced Germany’s Nico Hulkenberg as Sutil’s replacement.

Sutil, charged with bodily harm and risking a one-year suspended sentence, said he had repeatedly apologised to Lux and denied that it was his intention to hurt Lux.

Lux, also in court, said he had expected the driver to visit him in Luxembourg for an apology.

“A phone call is not good enough,” Lux told the court.

A second court day is set for Tuesday when a verdict could be announced.

  • kaka007

    go to hell eric lux……ruining a driver’s carrier….yeah what sutil did was wrong…but i’m sure by the look of things sutil was provoked by this fool lux…..

  • kevsuths

    30 January, 2012 at 5:59 pm go to hell eric lux……ruining a driver’s carrier….yeah what sutil did was wrong…but i’m sure by the look of things sutil was provoked by this fool lux…..

    there is no excuse for glassing someone no matter how much he was provoked, he cold have done some serious damage if he hasn’t already

  • Stewy33

    All I really want to know is what did Lux actually say or do to upset Adrian. I attacked 1 person in my life time, and trust me this person deserved it, and later on my actions were deemed justified. If anything the court should declare 50/50 fault for this and if Adrian gets punished Lux should receive and equal if not the same punishment.

  • the legendary T.A.

    A driver has to control his emotions , in or out of the car.Could you imagine jackie Stewart or Jim Clark doing something like this? Never in a thousand lifetimes,

  • Evel

    No amount of insults or bad words you can say to someone justifies them causing you physical harm – ever!
    It’s quite a scar that Lux has to show for it.
    I understand Lux’s point of view about the phone call.
    It’s quite insulting for someone, after causing such damage, intentional or accidental, to not apologize face to face and to do it by phone instead.
    Big mistake for Adrian not going to see Lux in person, I get the feeling Lux would have been a lot more forgiving if he had.
    If it is shown to be accidental though, I think it is time for Lux to forgive and move on, he has enough money and there’s no point in ruining Sutil’s career over an accident.

  • Butterfly

    Oh dear, mr. Sutil’s career is over. Even if any of the midfield team or lower have an interest in getting a good driver for pennies, he will never in a thousand years join any of the big teams after that.

    He’ll be lucky if he can drive again, not just F1.