HRT wants $7.7-million for second seat

Jan.18 (GMM) The eventual occupant of the second race seat at HRT – the final place on the 2012 grid – will need bring no less than $7.7-million to the table to stand a chance.

That is the claim of the Spanish sports daily Marca, reporting that Dutchman Giedo van der Garde is apparently on pole position to be Pedro de la Rosa’s teammate at the struggling Spanish team.

The newspaper said Dutch GP2 driver van der Garde seems to have at least the requisite 6 million in sponsorship but acknowledged that “the list of candidates is long”.

“I am still waiting for good news,” 26-year-old van der Garde is quoted by De Telegraaf newspaper, “and I’m positive.

“I’m training hard to prepare myself as best as possible,” he added on Tuesday.

Some regard the growing influence of ‘pay-drivers’ as bad news for a premier sport such as formula one.

“Whatever happens,” said Felipe Massa last week amid rumours he could lose his Ferrari seat, “at least I know I’ve never had to pay to drive.”

  • Bec

    It seems (as with Williams), that all the lower half of the grid are suffering sponsorship problems, which many believe is due to the 5th largest F1 market being fragmented, and the resultant loss in sponsors AVE rating.

  • Stewy33

    We are living in a world that is supposed to be the trickle down effect (of wealth) As we all got to learn in the last few years it is the evaporation effect as all the money is going back to the top. No top executives or business owners want to take a hit in the wallet so now we all get to struggle while the super rich horde all the money and take advantage of others losses. This is why we are seeing situations like the HRT seat is my perspective.

  • fools

    ok, I am training hard too. Let me just go to the bank real quick and withdraw $7.7 Million. Im good enough to take the seat if thats all it costs. lol

  • Stewy33

    You will need to have proof of an approved “S” (super license) by the FIA to place a bid.

  • fools

    @stew yeah I dont have that license. I know I have the skill. Sometimes money talks. Let me try bringing $7.7 milli cash and see if they dont let me test drive few laps, money talks. lol

  • Josep k

    Not even for a penny

  • stig

    If the BBC fronted the money it would be great advertising for their programs, i can think of one in particular…

  • Stewy33

    OMG, the Stig has spoken!