Montezemolo: We want to win F1 title in 2012

Jan.12 (Ferrari) Before leaving the Wrooom event at Madonna di Campiglio, Luca di Montezemolo could not get out of casting an eye on the now imminent start of the coming Formula 1 season and again outting pressure on Maranello engineers by saying he wants a winning car out the box.

Luca di Montezemolo arrives at Madonna di Campiglio

Luca di Montezemolo and entourage arrive at Madonna di Campiglio

“We will launch the new car on 3 February in Maranello and my hope and that of all our fans is to have a car that is competitive right from the start,” said Montezemolo. “It will be an interesting championship, with so many world champions taking part. Our two guys, Felipe and Fernando seem in great form and everyone else is working flat out on every detail”

“Domenicali said the car would not be pretty? I’d like it to look lousy: I say that provocatively because I want it to be a winner, reliable but also ‘simpatico’ in the sense that it knows how to win with a smile!”

Montezemolo was asked if, in a year as difficult as the one Italy is currently going through, there is an even greater responsibility for Ferrari to be winning again: “Absolutely,” was the reply. “Each one of us, whatever our job, must contribute to upholding the name of our country around the world. We are putting in a lot of effort on the preparation of the car and so too are the drivers: we are confident and have high hopes.”

“I have told Felipe to prepare well, both mentally and physically and I hope he finds a car that is better adapted to his driving style, maybe with the softer tyres.”

On Alonso the Ferrari boss said, “The fact he is quick is a certainty and maybe the question will be asked of him in Jerez after he has done the first kilometres at the wheel of the car to see what it’s like.”

“The world championship title? We came very close in 2010, a long way off in 2011 and we want to win it in 2012. That’s easy to say, but harder to do, but we have an extraordinary sense of determination to get it done,” concluded Montezemolo.

  • Tamburello_1994

    ” We want to win the title in 2012 ”

    . . . . . . . . in other news, Water is indeed, Wet.

  • Evel

    No Monty!, your 2 guys don’t seem to be in great form.
    Your one guy seems to be in great form, your other guy seems to be driving slow enough to lead us to suspect that he’s half expecting to be struck on his head by a stray part at any moment and playing bumper cars with Hamilton.
    Stop talking about winning the Championship Monty and jut do it.
    All the talking in the World is not going to win a Championship for Ferrari.

  • Erich Fuenfzig

    The internal pressure in the team of Ferrari and Italy is a little to high at the moment.

    Lets hope the best to the team and drivers.

    Alonso is the best driver, Massa should be better and Ferrari should be the best.

    These opinions do not make thr feeling very pleasant, becase the reason to the internal pressure coms from inside of the team.

    Lets see what happens.

  • sennauno

    wow is that the latest news?

    Call me clairvoyant but I had a strange feeling Ferrari wanted to win the title this year