Buemi gets F1 lifeline as Red Bull reserve

Sebastien Buemi

Sebastien Buemi will be Red Bull reserve driver in 2012

Jan.5 (Press Release) Red Bull Racing is pleased to confirm that Sébastien Buemi will continue his relationship with Red Bull as Red Bull Racing’s test and reserve driver for 2012.

Formula One Grand Prix of Brazil, Interlagos, Sunday, End of Season Party, Memorial da America Latina. Image shows test driver Sebastien Buemi (SUI/ Red Bull Racing) and Sebastian Vettel (GER/ Scuderia Toro

Sebastien Buemi with Sebastian Vettel

The 23-year-old joins Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber, who are already confirmed. Sébastien Buemi said: “It’s good to remain with Red Bull for another year and have this opportunity with the World Championship winning team. I would prefer to be driving at the races of course, but working with Red Bull Racing on the development of their car and providing them with feedback throughout the season is the next best thing.”

Christian Horner commented: “It was entirely logical for Sébastien to continue with Red Bull having been a member of the Junior Team since 2004. He already knows the team well from his time with us in 2008 and has gained significant race experience over the past three years. He will complete important test and simulation work for us throughout the year and will be in attendance at each grand prix.”

  • Stewy33

    Alright Buemi, you’re now a reserve driver for both Torro Rosso and Red Bull Racing. All you have to do is throw JEV out in front of a bus and you get your drive back at Torro Rosso.

  • F1 Follower 1991

    Really do think Alguersuari deserved the reserve seat at RB if im honest. He was magnificent for Torro Rosso in the second half of the season regularly mixing it in the top 10 and even knocking on the door of the top 6 on occasion.

    Buemi i think just cant cut the mustard in the same way. I dont know why i just dont think he has the same potential as Jaime.

    But if its what wacko Marko wants so be it!

  • Stewy33

    The Buemi and Alguersuari argument is difficult to have for a few reasons. One thing that made Jamie look like the better driver is Buemi had a hydraulics and engine failure in the closing few rounds of the season. Obviously if you DNF you can’t score points. Also to Buemi’s credit he was consistent in his finishes (normally around the top 10) as for Jamie he could have a great race and finish well in the points then the next race finish 18th. It is so difficult to say who is the better driver, and the Marko thing didn’t help Jamie very much.

  • me262

    jaime blocked Vettel in qualifying at one race – Marko gave jaime a clip around the ears for it to which jaime remonstrated – jaime’s fate was sealed

  • Sennauno

    good move buemi. driving a simulator for a y sounds like an awesome job for me…but not for a formula 1 driver that had a drive