Ferrari and Williams interested in Sutil

Adrian Sutil (GER) Force India F1. Formula One World Championship, Rd 15, Japanese Grand Prix, Practice Day, Suzuka, Japan, Friday 7 October 2011.

Adrian Sutil

Dec.19 (GMM) As Adrian Sutil departs Force India, he is being linked with ,multiple title winning Formula 1 teams Williams and Ferrari.

Auto Motor und Sport claimed that, while his exit from the Silverstone based team after a five-year tenure only became official last Friday, the 28-year-old has been making new plans for 2012 since Abu Dhabi.

“Williams is interested,” said the magazine, “and not only because of his Medion sponsor money. In the second half of the season Sutil did a lot of good to his reputation.”

Auto Motor und Sport claims Ferrari is also interested, even though the Maranello based team’s president Luca di Montezemolo has yet again insisted that Felipe Massa’s contract for next year will be observed.

“Felipe knows next year is very important for him,” said the Italian.

The German report said: “Sutil would be an interesting option for Ferrari in 2013. That’s why he only wants to sign for one year with Williams.”

Sutil’s manager Manfred Zimmermann is quoted by Sport Bild: “Adrian’s future is not fixed yet and we will not be making any short-term panic decisions.”

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, meanwhile, neglected to mention Sutil when he hailed the German presence on next year’s grid.

“For Germany, we need Sebastian, Michael and the two Nicos,” he is quoted by Kolner Express tabloid.

  • Uday Motwani

    If Sutil can get a chance with Ferrari or some big team in 2013 then it’s not a waste to not race in 2012! Williams may or may not deliver in 2012 & if it doesn’t deliver then it’ll hamper Sutil’s chances of getting a good drive in 2013! Don’t know what Montezemolo sees in Massa to keep him! If he again wants a driver who can’t even target podiums in the Prancing Horse then his decision skills have become blunt! Sutil for sure is very competitive & if Ferrari take him now then thats good! In 2013, Ferrari may choose Kubica but next year Kubica won’t be returning so 2012 is a good chance for Sutil to shine, provided he gets a good car! All the best Sutil!

  • turtletongue

    VJ Mallaya bright idea number:
    Fire driver with most points this year by 50 percent margin and who took us to best ever 6th place in contructors.
    Thanks guy, now take a hike!
    Replace him with that guy who was humbled by over the hill driver Rubens Barichello the year before because better driver has been racing longer so surely worse driver will be better than him after a while.
    Keep guy who was beaten by best driver this year because he has not been racing as long so therefore will automatically be better next year.

  • kaka007

    it’s all part of the so called f1 circus……politics politics politics……we spectators will always be spectators

  • me262

    seriously F1 is getting a bit money is everything…well first i thought that williams released Nico for Pastor´s money…so Nico must have more $ than Sutil…Sutil got charged with assault but no one´s perfect. His a bloody good driver…and how has Hulkenberg proved his better this year if there has been no testing this year… was he faster than sutil in the simulator
    i dont understand it

  • http://deleted anonymous

    Though it may not b as easy fr Mallya as it is fr us jst 2 comment but an obvious option was 2 demote Paul 2 a reserve drivers seat (hoping he isnt being stolen by oders, n confrming hm wid a race seat in 2013) n den putin both d germans head on…………fight n prove it guys……… need of mentionin further actions even a layman wil say wat has 2 b done aftr 2012…………!