Verstappen says Schumacher cheated in 1994

l-r Michael Schumacher (GER) and Benetton team manager Flavio Briatore (ITA) in a press conference before the World Championship showdown. Australian Grand Prix, Adelaide, 13 November 1994.

Michael Schumacher and Benetton team manager Flavio Briatore pictured during the 1994 season

Dec.7 (GMM) Michael Schumacher’s 1994 teammate Jos Verstappen has accused the German of winning his first Formula 1 world championship with the help of illegal electronic aids.

Jos Verstapen (NDL), Benetton, suffers from burns after his pit stop fire. German Grand Prix, Hockenheim, Germany.31 July 1994.

Jos Verstapen with burns suffered in the 1994 German GP

Dutchman Verstappen claims that while the Benetton he raced almost two decades ago conformed to the rules, the sister car driven to the title by Schumacher was fitted with secret systems.

“I know what happened when we were together at Benetton,” Verstappen is quoted by the Dutch-language Nusport.

“People think I’m looking for excuses but I know that his car was different from mine.

“I always thought it was impossible; I braked at the limit and took the corners as hard as possible, so how could Schumacher do it? There was something wrong.

“There were electronic driver aids. It was never mentioned, but I’m convinced and when I later asked Flavio Briatore he replied ‘Let’s not talk about it’. So I know enough now.

Ayrton Senna (BRA) Williams (Left) and Michael Schumacher (GER) Benetton

Ayrton Senna was convinced that Michael Schumacher and Benetton were running an illegal car in 1994

“Like everyone else, Michael is also dependent on his car. For most people he was a god but he is not superman — in a go-kart he never beat me,” added Verstappen.

Prior to his death at Imola that year, Ayrton Senna was very suspicious that the Benetton, particularly Schumacher’s was illegal and using some form of traction control.

Also that year cheating allegations reignited mid-season, after a refuelling fire on Verstappen’s Benetton at the German GP.

After an investigation by Intertechnique at Benetton’s team factory, the FIA revealed that the team had been using an illegal fuel valve, without a fuel filter, that pumped fuel into the car 12.5% faster than a normal, legal fuel valve that had a filter.

  • f1fan

    ooo my has come to this!!!

  • Twiinz

    Why come out with this now Jos?? I say sour grapes. Stop whining.

  • Mild_seven

    Wait does that also mean Damon hill cheated ! cos his car got him the second Pos . While Senna’s RIP legend !

  • Tamburello_1994

    M. Schumacher is such an awesome talent, Why in the world would he have to cheat ever? He can beat anybody with his eyes closed, With one hand tied behind his back. Why?


  • frank

    I think he probably did.

  • the legendary T.A.

    Well Schumacher deliberately drove into Hill when Hill was overrtaking him in the last 94 race.Hill applied so much pressure that Schumacher had on “off” and damaged his car , so he just drove into Hill as Hill was passing into the lead.Schu “parked ” at Monaco to stop Alonso getting pole and Schu drove into Villeneuve in 97 attempting to stop him taking the title.Schu has cheated blatantly , he aint no Jackie Stewart or Jim Clark . Senna drove into Prost to get the title and got away with it.Prost returned the compliment the following year..They don’t make ‘em like they used to.Graham Hill lost a title when a Ferrari toook him off in a final GP race also. Hill family owed 2 World Championships.

  • the legendary T.A.

    Look what Schu did to Barrichello at Spa this year .Barrichello was not “allowed” to win against Schu when he drove for Ferrari.Eddie Irvine said he was a “track cleaner” for Schu. in 1999 Schu allowed Irvine a win when Irvine was in to win the title.Otherwise it was all one way traffic in the other direction.

  • the legendary T.A.

    I saw Schu at Silverstone in 94 .He was penalised for overtaking Hill on warmup lap and had a drive in penalty.He subsequently almost caught up with Hill .I knew then that his car was doctored. Senna’s suspicions were correct.

  • the legendary T.A.

    Hey Tamburello _1994 ! Senna warned Hill ( then a teammate) to watch out for the bumps on the inside of Tamburello in practise in 1994. He lost his life through a broken steering weld failing.Clark got killed by rear suspension failing through accident damage repair failure ( shunt a week earlier on that F2 car when some one drove into the back of it)) Rindt got killed by shaft failure on Lotus front left in Monza 1970. Great drivers all R.I P. Schumach not fit to wipe any of their boots

  • Carl Sakr

    Well if schumacher is such a prick why take all the bother to talk about him, he is not a winner right now, and there is a lot to cheer with the likes of Vettel and Big mouth hamilton, why just be another horn in the counter Schu campaign? Jos get over it, it is just like having webber say in a couple of years that the red bull car of Vettel contained a magic formula what you can’t understand Mr. Vestappen is that this Magic formula is called talent, and it is either you have it or clean bathrooms away of the spotlight. Now let’s get back to someone worth talking, the greatness of schumacher is not about his title, it is simply highlighted by the fact that he contended titles every single year he drove, and even now, many people including Jenson Button don’t put him far from title contention next year though he himself don’t

  • http://Yalla Get on wid it

    How is this news? It was 1994 for God’s sake, 17 yrs ago.A lotta wasted time digging up dirt on a legend, and I dont even like Schumacher..Get a life Jos.Or stick to karting..

  • Edsal

    Cheating in motorsport? I don’t believe it. This is what makes motorsport great, teams pushing it to the limit (Flexable wings, light weight parts, hidden electronic parts, special fuel cells, etc.) Every team, in every form of racing has to find ways to push the rules, or they will lose. If you want to watch boring spec racing, look no further than Indy Car. When teams could push the limit it was a great series, now its struggling to survive. The greatest owner in Indy Car, Roger Penske pushed so hard at Indy several years ago that all 3 of his cars failed to qualify. That’s part of what makes it great. Jos Verstappen was an average driver who nobody cares about any more. You got your name in the news again, now go back to being irrelevent.

  • beouf

    sorry the legendary T.A.,

    but you can’t compare Senna and Schumacher’s accidents.

    Senna didn’t run into Prost first, it was the other way around. Prost ran into Senna when they were teammates at McLaren, solely to win the championship. the following year, the president moved pole position to the dirty side of the track AFTER Senna won pole during qualifying and Prost came in second. Senna told everyone, including Prost, that he wasn’t going to let up into the first corner, and that Prost better not be there. Senna’s motivation was to right a wrong done to him by then President Ballestre.

    Shumacher on the other hand, crashed into the other drivers purely to win the championship

  • Sennauno


    I couldnt have said it better myself. May I just add: Balestre – French, Prost – French. Prost apart from being a worthy rival of Senna’s, was an ace at media manipulation and politics off the track. Also, cheatmacher was stripped of all his championship points in 1997 for being the scumbag cheating n4zi that he is….


    I partly agree with your take on motorsport…only a line has to be drawn. Loop holes and innovations will push the limits but ultimately there is always a point when the rules have been bent to a degree that the car is deemed illegal. Regulations MUST always drive for parity in the Formula. I find it hard to believe that Bennetton cheating is still making news these days….didnt they discover the illegal software on the b194 in 1997?


    because he was up against Senna?

  • Jacko

    Thanks Jos, another confirmation of what everyone already knew; Flavio is a clever and very shifty man.

  • Stewy33

    It makes you wonder how much of a role Flavio Briatore had in all this. Crash Gate incident is still fresh in my mind and Briatore was willing to ruin Nelson Piquet Jr’s career as well as destroying the sister car of the team just to win a race. Makes me wonder what other strings he pulled to cheat and win?

  • Our Man In The North

    This smacks of sour grapes from Jos the Loss. I can’t see how he can say Schumacher cheated unless the great man himself added parts to the car which I very much doubt is the case. What his claims point to is that Benetton possibly cheated in 1994, a team which he was part of so I guess that means that his efforts in 1994 should be struck from the records? Anyone with half a brain that followed Schumacher from the start of his F1 career could see that he was something special and that no driver aids. Jos the Loss should just stick to what he’s best at – hitting people at kart races, breaching restraining orders and possibly (not proven or unproven yet) hitting his girlfriend. Yeah, the guy is a real class act(!)

    As for Senna’s claims, well what was his evidence? Again, sour grapes as he couldn’t handle being beaten by some unkown kid in a year where he should have been romping off to his fourth title where his only competition was his obedient team mate.

  • F1 fan

    Schumie is not a cheat!

  • Sennauno

    @ man in the north

    you smack of ignorant buffoon…who are you to make assumptions about what Senna knew and thought?

    Love how everyone puts poor old Jos down as a cover for cheatmacher…sad souls

    The why this is news now is because the F1 season is over and news is hard to come by atm…

  • Anthony

    Super classy for Sennauno to call MSC a Nazi and then in the next post call someone ignorant. Note to self, Sennauno’s opinion on anything has as much weight as an electron.

  • Sennauno


    yeah i got a little over excited dindt I hahaha

    electron? LOLOLOLO

    geek alert

  • Sennauno

    Schumacher is a 7 time world champion….but he isnt the boss. He never beat Jos in karts, he lost F3 to Mika Hakkinen and Frenzten was faster in the Mercedes junior team…and those strange noises that Senna heard coming out of the B194….that my friends was indeed TC…fact


  • javalocco

    HAHA,… didn’t you ever heard, even F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone said he was cheating when he own his F1 team.
    So is it a big problem when Joss the Looser announce “cheating” after more than a decade?
    Big Bull Shit!! Every F1 team has it’s own way to cheat,…. you just can not see it clearly.

    Even Senna cheat against Prost.

    Mansell may be only won one world champion, but he beat Senna and Prost so many times with pure speed, his lack is only LUCK…
    But in on the other side I believe he also cheat.

    So what’s the problem?

  • Sennauno


    dont think anyone would deny that…motorsport is a gentlemen’s sport but theyre hardly angels. Sure Senna ‘cheated’ Prost in ways, Prost cheated Senna in many others. But in levels of cheating there is a hierarchy. If you google ‘ cheating in formula 1′, the mentioned scandal of Bennetton/Schumacher/ and all other cheat mongers involved in the conundrum APPEARS IN FIRST PLACE

    They are the cheating champions ipso facto

  • Sennauno

    I just looked up cheat in the dictionary and found a picture of Michael Schumacher

  • Tamburello_1994

    Lots of opinions on this one but I think “beouf” and “Edsal” get it about right so no need to repeat what they have said.

    @ Sennauno

    I agree with everything but the Nazi stuff. . . . . . .

  • Tamburello_1994

    I Just notice something about the picture of Michael and Flavio:

    Its says the Photo was taken “during the 1994 season” But Micheal didn’t win his first WDC until 1994. So him wearing his WDC Dekra hat tells me this photo was taken sometime during the 1995 season.

  • Sennauno

    @ Tamburello_1994

    I was meant to say nizi but made a mess of the spelling…

    No that picture is 1994…his still got Ford logos. Bennetton moved to Renault engines in 1995

    The dekra cap is not announcing his wdc..’Formula 1 World Championship 1994′ as in participation…not celebration

  • Tamburello_1994

    @ Sennauno

    I stand corrected.

  • visz963

    OK, look like the Williams team was cheating too in 1994, because they were also faster then the hard-cornering Verstappen. There is no other explanation.

  • scott peterson

    Briatore, once a cheat always a cheat! He just got caught that’s all!

  • visz963

    How much cheating was involved in the 2 titles of Alonso? Same team, Briatore involved…

  • Butterfly

    In case none of you have understood this, in F1 it’s not about following the rules, it’s about trying to circumvent them.

    Oh, and visz963 is a transvestite.

    Have a nice day.

  • visz963

    @Butterfly: sure I am. And you’re a nazi midget prostitute.

    Let’s hope Alonso can cheat next year so that he becomes 3x cheater champion.

  • javalocco


    Didn’t you get it? What I want to say is: it’s a theory from a looser side, Joss is the looser, why should we hear words from looser? We are talking about “fact” when talked about cheat real way. Proove it, and nobody would complain.
    For example:
    Even everybody said Senna is the best driver, it doesn’t mean “Senna is the best in fact”.

    The fact is Senna have less win than Prost and Schumi, and less WDC than Fangio, Prost and Schumi.
    Prost even beat him as team mate when he is in number 1 car.
    Note: Mansell beat him too so many times with slower car.

    I really like Mansell. His technique is superb, I can say Mansell is the best driver in term of driving technique, but in fact he only won 1 WDC (with 36 wins). Less win than Schumi or Prost or even Senna.

    We can not say ” If Senna didn’t die in accident he would be bla…bla…..bla……”
    There are so much probability.
    If Senna didn’t die in accident, his name may be will remember as 4 or 5 times WDC,
    ………… or may be worst because he can not beat Schumi with the fastest car on track.

    We are talking about fact, not about your emotion or feeling about.
    The fact is Joss the Looser, don’t make it become two with you included

  • JuniorJohnson

    You’re one to talk Jossie boy!
    I can’t be sure but I remember this guys name was also Jos and he looked just like him.
    I can’t remember what his surname was unfortunately, we just used to call him Jossie boy.
    It could very well be the same guy.
    I remember our karting days together and how he used to cheat!
    Jos and his mechanics used to tamper with the engine before the race and used to use a special fuel which they would drain as well as reverting the engine back to how it was after the race.
    I was much more talented but the cheat always beat me.
    He also used to cut corners when the marshalls weren’t watching.
    We’d approach a corner with him behind , he’d cut right through the corner and emerge ahead of me!
    I wanted to go to the stewards at the time but he threatened to beat up my wife if I did!

  • fools

    Oh, and visz963 is a transvestite…thank you for clarifying that fact.

  • visz963

    you need to learn the difference between Iceland and Finland. Also between Brazilia and Colombia. Not to mention how to write names, such as Trulli.

    Fool US boy, knows nothing about the world.

  • fools

    honestly…you caught me..but guess what…its Latin America Which is South America, which surrounds he same region. You also know Montoya is from South America which is where Columbia is and Brazil, talk about spelling. Speak for yourself. Also, I dont need to know how to spell every name when you know who Im talking about. YOUR false statement about Briatore saying Alonso is overated when youfirst sdaid that was Trulli!!!! You faq! Talk about calling your own bluff! Just like when all of us called you a tranny. All you know is to come on and bash others comments instead of educating or supporting comments. You stupid arse of a troll. So guess what faq boi…I’m here to bully you now and put 2 cents up your ass. Get the feeling? I bet not. All you know is false information and come on here talking shit you cant back. Da’ f.uck outta here! Scum bag.

  • visz963

    unfotunately (for your creditworthiness) it is not false:

    I am talking about the truth. You are the one trolling.

  • visz963

    unfotunately (for your creditworthiness) it is not false. Read below. You can find it on the net.

    I am talking about the truth. You are the one trolling.


    Flavio Briatore has taken a swipe at Fernando Alonso’s role in Renault’s success and questioned the Spaniard’s talent.

    “Fernando is good,” the Italian told Auto Motor und Sport, “but not as good as many people think.”

    The team have put their faith in the talents of young Finn Heikki Kovalainen and veteran Giancarlo Fisichella.

  • visz963

    oh, and some more geogrpahy for ya: Latin America includes CENTRAL AMERICA as well. Latin America is not Equal to South America. You should not that if you live in that Continent.

  • Sennauno


    jos is a loser…so why should we listen to a loser? maybe because if you compare him with schumacher he wasnt a succesful Formula 1 driver…….but he did partner schumacher hence he worked with him and got up close….so surely he knows the ins and outs (more than you and me and any of us here) of what the story is? winners tell the story yeah? are you that small minded?

    why are you calling Jos a loser on behalf of Schumacher? I believe Schumacher has a right to call Jos a loser…but Jos actually got to Formula 1…which is more than anyone of us can claim. What have you done in your miserbale little life that warrants you the position to be calling people losers? And that goes for all you losers

    I would give my left arm just to do 3 laps in a F1 car. Jos didnt have to because HE MADE IT TO F1
    Open your minds

  • fools

    “Fernando is good,” the Italian told Auto Motor und Sport, “but not as good as many people think.”

    *Never does that quote say he is “overratted”

    He never said overatted. Thats a fact! Alonso is GREAT. Not good. Everyone knows that but visz92qay. Vettel said it. Hamilton said it. Button as well and all former drivers…go figure. Watch and listen to all the post conf. interviews scum bag.

  • visz963

    it means the same you noob

  • Mrs Gail j Gray

    Why oh why are the media being cruel by bringing up false lies on Michael Schumacher, for starters he do not cheat, and another thing he has raw talents he dont need tracton control not only that you have to blame Flavio Briatore who is a 2 faced liar he knows whats going on. when he worked for Benettons, stop blaming Michael cant you leave him alone and keep harping what happened years make me sick you media you have nothing else better to do my write liars on Michael, no wonder Michael and 1 hate you.

  • Sennauno

    @Mrs Gail J Gray

    Yeah bad media make up liars…Schumacher is big raw sugar talents and dosent need traction control! Media does not think of that when make up big liars…Briatore cheat, not Schumacher…Briatore put traction control on Michael car….heeeeeeeeeeee cheat you right. Listen up everyone

    – Briatore cheat (so Bennetton was illegal)
    – Michael cheat not (what car was Michael driving then?…)
    – Media bad
    – Media harping make me sick
    – oh why oh why media is cruel


    they were ground breaking points to consider…I think the jury is still out on this one hahaha

  • taoufik Lahdhiri

    what about the 6 other championships !!???

  • F1 Follower 1991

    Why does every big article end up with people resorting to immature rants and calling people fucktards?

    Jesus is everyone that immature? Or is the whole site getting taken over by little kids?

    Last time i checked this was a site where people could have a proper mature F1 discussion about the news going on in the sport we love.

    At this rate its going to be hopeless to find anyone that is grown up enough to have a real discussion, not a petty arguement!

  • joe

    Every one in F1 cheat if they get the opportunity. If you do not want cheating, go live as a hermit.

  • Jimbob

    Every F1 team at some point has cheated to stay or get ahead of the competition, Innovation and clever gizmo’s are what makes F1 so great. The only problem with Bennetton’s story is probably that they made it a tad too obvious.

    To say other teams such as McLaren and Williams have never cheated at somepoint is kidding themselves.

  • Sennauno

    @ schumifornever

    schumiforever is the same person as senna last becuase schumiforever has no friends

    I may be a jerk but you are a jerkoff

    53 comments and counting wooohooooo


  • Sennauno
  • javalocco


    I can’t drive F1 car, so what’s the problem? Even einstein can not drive a car.
    I don’t have to become an F1 driver to become a champion. I don’t have any chance even to drive F1 car, is it a big deal? I like to watch F1 but don’t interest to become F1 driver, so what’s the problem?

    Looser is someone like Joss whose words is shit. Babling everywhere for something unproductive, disturb everyone and make noise. That’s a LOOSER!!

    Schumi’s carachter is a “Controversi” a mix between Angel and Devil. But staying so long in F1, win so much grand prix, beat so many Champions. That’s a real Champion.
    Even if you can proove he was cheating when he is in Benetton ( remember there are Briatore), but can anybody doubt how he built Ferrari from BIG ZERO team to become dominant almost one decade?
    Even your favourite man on the track ( Senna) need a super car to win but can not build team like Schumi. But, with his pig headed character Senna is also a champion. So is Pros with his cold blood, and do not forget the real fighter: Mansell.

    Joss is looser whose mouth is stink, but I think a person who care and trust so much in a looser is the biggest looser.

  • javalocco

    Heyyy, everybody let me tell you a secret.

    Actually I’m a high official of FIA and a few moment ago I got letter signed by FIA council and FIA president.
    It said that because of so many proove on Benetton Cheating in 1994, FIA agree to withdraw Michael Scumacher World Champion 1994 title and give it to Joss Verstappen.

    But it’s a secret okay? Don’t let anybody know until we announce it on press.







  • javalocco

    Really Agree with Joe.
    You know why there are so many super complex rules on F1.
    Because the smallest thing in F1 can be cheated, and everybody find their way to cheat.
    Remember even an email from Alonso can Affect on Mclaren loose US$ 100 million.

    4 Thumbs down for Looser!!

  • Sennauno


    HAHAHA. your a classic. Is your name Fabio?

    @Joe Pizza

    You know someone who knows schumacher personally????……..poor guy
    schumacher is a family man & a wonderful guy? you sound like his counsel trying to defend him from a heinous crime….dont worry man, as far as ive heard he hasnt killed anyone yet so no need for violins playing hahahaha



  • Joe Kinnear

    Senna is overrated. Just because he played Mr Goody-two-shoes doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat or do something bad. So what Schumi “cheated”… Jos is just a sore loser. The real issue is, people are mad coz Schumi “cheated” and became champ. I’m pretty sure if he cheated but didn’t become champ nobody would come up with this issue.

  • RC

    This is rich, oh yeah, I have no evidence but because he was faster than me he had help. I’m not someone that looks upon Schumacher as a god but this is just bs Jos. Nothing but sour grapes. The fact is that in F1 you were a virtual nobody and can’t handle that. Schumacher never beat you in a kart? So? IF true it doesn’t mean anything other than he bloomed later or maybe you had a superior kart. Karts do vary as well. This is petty bs by a bitter little man. BTW, everyone is dependent on their car. No supposed god wins an F1 championship with an inferior car, whether that means speed or reliability. During Schumacher’s reign he had the advantage that Ferrari was a leader with their car as well.

    I can’t believe the childish ill thought out nonsense posted here by people that have obviously never even set inside a race car of any type, or if you did it was only because you had some money and no brains.

  • Our Man In The North


    I take it you knew Senna then? Didn’t think so, yet you complain about my comment questioning his claims. Funny that.

    By all means challenge my opinion but it’s kind of pointless replying to coments if you’re not intelligent enough to enter into a proper discussion and have to resort to acting like a petulant spoilt little brat.

    You are nothing more than a troll. Good day to you.

  • Sennauno

    @our man in the north

    What part of my post gives you an indication that I knew Senna? why are you putting words in my mouth? you must be a politician of some sort haha. Insult my intelligence if you wish….water off a ducks back buddy.
    Call me spoilt brat too if thats gonna quell that ego of yours…I remind you of your outlandish comments. Im no troll…just a rebounder of know it alls who post rubbish based on their emotional attachments….in this case blind Formula 1 fans….like yourself

    Good day now sir. You are too welcome to speak like a gentleman

  • Sennauno

    @ SENNA LAST (schumi4ever)

    Yes my life is dope atm, this topic is my life support, this topic of a legendary living legend being accused of what he is (old news) is my cup of tea, right down my alley……your on my turf fan boy!

    NINCOMPOOP…..hahahahahhahahah i havent heard that in years……you need to renew your repertoire

  • javalocco

    Everybody,… it’s an FIA high official. :)

    I don’t think we should take a priceless doubt with someone who try to defend an F1 looser.
    He hide behind Senna’s great name, but actually he is a great looser.

    Thank you and closed

  • Sennauno


    you great one stand with world champion, because scumacher is world champion and you are fan of world champion, then you are champion. Great philosophy

    why dont you go take some english grammar lessons fuktard…come back when you can afford them anyway hahaha

  • javalocco

    General Election already started and it seem we already have the winner.
    Yup,…. winner of the bastards!

  • Sennauno

    Do you know who your dad is?

  • visz963

    Of course Schumacher was always cheating. That is why he immediately won 3 races in his first Ferrari season while ferrari had no wins for years. He carried the cheatsd under his overall.

  • Sennauno

    you wanna be me so bad that you had to make yourself an account with my name….are you so upset to resort to such a thing? I understand….your just a little coward …people could be fooled by the sennauno name but not by the content of your posts…whatever name you choose to comment, you still sound like a 7 year old

    Now have a glass of warm milk and off to bed you little sh!t…you got school tommorow!

  • Nemo

    It seems pointless for Bennetton to have illegal parts on one car only. They lost the constructors title that year, missing out on millions $. Adding to that, Verstappen being quiet for 17yrs? Come on Jos, I used to love your racing back then. No need to make up something now.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Eighty comments and half of them are written by children, Obviously.

    What I fail to understand is when I posted a link to another site, the moderators censored that like I’m giving away Minuteman III launch codes. Conversely, They allow this thread to reduce itself to this insult-fest without batting an eye.


  • Sennauno


    I second that….the moderators never allowed one of my comments in the other threads for no apparent reason as I wasnt insulting anyone or off topic….what gives yalla? I can just see them sitting back, sipping coffee having a good ol’ chuckle at all this rabble :) but seriously…then there’s a guy who thinks ‘the sky is the only thing bigger than Michael Schumacher’, a kid whos signing in with the same name as me calling me poopface and ninkompoop lololo… typical freakfest Schumacher thread

    This is out of control yalla…get in there and sort it out (& release my comment on the Senna thread please?)

  • javaloco

    sennauno is great. he’s a real winner of the b a s ta rd s

  • tony sullivan

    If you know a year in which MS did NOT cheat it should be explained

  • Jody Renza

    Sour grapes from a “kaaskop” that I thought was better than his results show…he still rates as one of my top 3 in all my 45 years of supporting F1..

  • Subdivision

    He cheated time and time again throughout his career,it’s hardly surprising. Outside of F1 he seemed like a decent human being but had questionable morals whilst racing a car. (starting in F3 actually)