Ecclestone extends deadline for US GP

USA flagDec.1 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone has extended the deadline for organisers of the 2012 US grand prix to rescue their Austin event.

The news, reported by the American news agency AP, came as the F1 chief executive’s original Wednesday deadline came and went.

“We are still trying to make it (the race) happen,” the 81-year-old is quoted as saying. “They need to get some money and a pen … as soon as possible.”

The new deadline is next Wednesday’s meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

“If it isn’t all signed before (then), it can’t happen,” said Ecclestone.

Although New York will be added to the 2013 schedule, the extended deadline for Texas also follows the urging of FOTA chairman Martin Whitmarsh, who said F1 “needs to go to America”.

“Bernie will meet the Austin people in the coming days, and I hope they get their act together,” the McLaren boss is quoted by France’s L’Equipe.

“If we are not there, it will hurt us all,” insisted Whitmarsh.

  • Tamburello_1994

    Formula 1 needs the United States, But does the United States need Formula 1?


  • Bec

    Will they have the money?
    Payment has been due since July.

    And even if they can raise the money, will they be able to build the circuit?

  • Stewy33

    This event must be very important to Bernie to allow this fiasco of funds to continue. After seeing the approval stamp for the New York / New Jersey venue I though Texas was doomed right their. Continuing with this, Texas has approved deals with both Moto GP and the Australian V8 Super Car series. Now I am left wondering if the F1 race gets axed, will the other events go as planned if they complete the circuit as the only real issue is paying Bernie his 25 million.

  • Tamburello_1994

    I’d be shocked if the venture ever gets off the ground. As someone else recently stated:

    “No country should have more than 1 race.”

    So with NY / NJ coming online in 2013, Where does that leave Austin?

    The fact Ecclestone extended the deal at all was going above and beyond. Yea, I’d say he views this as worth it. Still wondering if any phone calls were made to Indianapolis. . . .

    It also should be noted that if countries like Canada, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, and Bahrain can all host GP’s, It’s a safe assumption the United States could also if that’s what we endeavor. ;)

  • fools

    They have the money…if you know business at all, all deals happen last minute. Thats where you get the best price. Common Sense.

    If the deal goes thru or not. It was only one thing. MONEY!