F1 boss says Euro races a dying breed

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Nov.29 (GMM) European races are a dying breed on the formula one calendar, Bernie Ecclestone said on Tuesday.

At present, there are eight European rounds on the 20-event 2012 schedule, with the majority of the season therefore taking place throughout Asia, the Far and Middle East and the Americas.

And Europe should prepare to shed even more events in the future, said Ecclestone, with the F1 chief executive telling Spain’s Marca that the continent – currently gripped in a worsening economic crisis – is “finished”.

“I think in the next few years Europe will be left with only five races,” he said.

“I think Europe is finished. It will be a good place for tourism but little else. Europe is a thing of the past,” added Ecclestone.

Told that Europe is F1’s spiritual home, he insisted: “It used to be.”

He said the next hosts to join the calendar will be Russia and perhaps also South Africa and Mexico.

  • http://yallaF1.com F1 fan

    I bet boring Valencia stays though,WHAT A JOKE!!!.

  • Bec

    The Russian event is still in Europe, so that adds a European round, and there’s still talk of France, and technically Turkey was in Asia, so that’s one less Asian round.

    But yes, F1 goes where there’s money, that’s why it’s not going to Austin ;)

  • Tamburello_1994

    “…..It will be a good place for tourism but little else……”

    This, coming from a Brit.

    Old Europe strikes again. :p

  • Stewy33

    The three venues Bernie is talking about adding are; Cape Town South Africa, Cancun Mexico, and Sochi Russia. Personally Cancun Mexico should be scheduled during spring break! Bikini heaven count me in!

  • visz963

    He wants more money as usual. He dares to threaten the EU in order to get smoking money.

  • Adrian

    Don’t worry boys, he has to croak eventually. Party is at my house that 1derful day!