Ferrari: Need to give our drivers a better car

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the Ferrari 150 italia

Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa in the Ferrari 150 italia

Nov.27 (PVM) Ferrari technical director, Pat Fry admitted that the Ferrari 150 Italia was hardly the piece of kit that did any favours for Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa this season and acknowledges that the team have to deliver a more effective car for 2012.

Pat Fry (GBR) Ferrari Technical Director.

Pat Fry, Ferrari technical director

Speaking to the media at Interlagos, Fry revelaed, “As far as the new car is concerned, hopefully everything is in place to deliver a car for the first winter test and then be in a position to upgrade it for the third test. We need to provide both drivers with a better car for 2012.”

The Englishman, a former Mclaern man who replaced Aldo Costa at Maranello, explained the team’s approach to the new car, “I think we have learned a lot from this year and I have had to learn how the team works once I joined it. Within our team, there are certain things that work very well and others that have not. At the moment we are trying to concentrate on those areas that need improving. We have made some changes in the aerodynamic department and I feel that has been successful as the work we are doing is more creative than before. Now we must see if we can deliver the goods, but as always we will not know exactly how successful we have been until the cars roll out in Melbourne next year.”

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari.

Fernando Alonso last won at Silverstone in July

The elements are now in place to deliver a less conservative and state-of-the-art car for Alonso and Massa to attack the title next season, according to Fry, “It has been important to create a working environment where people feel prepared to take more risks without worrying about what the fallout would be if something they try goes wrong. For an F1 car to be quick, everything in design terms has to be on the edge and if you are too conservative, you end up with a package that is slow. So you must push to the limit and there will be times when we go over it. But people should not be afraid of that. We have to be sensible and take risks where there is a big benefit in lap time performance but not take silly risks.”

Fry added, “I think we are always going to be looking for new elements in terms of restructuring, even if I am quite happy with the way most of the organisation is working and responding. There are still some small areas that need sorting out and we will be doing that in the future. What I admire everyone for at Ferrari is their work ethic and just how hard they work. Now we need to get everyone working together as one: if we can do that, we should be in good shape.”

The Ferrari 150 Italia raced to victory once in 2011, when Alonso won the British Grand Prix at Silverstone in July. The Spaniard also scored 10 podiums out of 18 so far this season.

Massa has yet to stand on a podium this season and if he fails to do so, at the season final Brazilian GP, he will become the first Ferrari driver not to finish (at least once in the season) in the top three since 1992 when Ivan Capelli failed to make it on to a single podium step.

  • stewy33

    They should rename the F150 Itaila to the F1.50 seconds off the pace. =D

  • Butterfly

    I bet a Ford F150 truck would have been faster.