Interlagos Day 1: Red Bull report

Mark Webber (AUS) Red Bull Racing RB7.

Mark Webber

Nov.25 (Reuters) Friday’s Free Practice sessions were strong for Red Bull Racing but conditions were dry and with rain predicted tomorrow and Sunday, the drivers were very much aware of just how dramatically track conditions could change over the next two days. Here’s what they said:

Mark Webber, Car 2
“The track is hot, not super hot in terms of ambient conditions, but the track is very warm and it’s humid too. It’s also pretty windy, so it wasn’t the easiest day to get the car dialled in and balanced, but clearly it was the same for everybody. I think we had a pretty good day; there are lots of sets of compounds to go through, as it might be the last time we get to run in the dry as there’s potentially some wet weather coming – but we had a good day.”
First Practice Session
Position: 1, Best Time: 1:13.811, Laps: 26 , Chassis No. 4
Second Practice Session
Position: 3 , Best Time: 1:13.587, Laps: 41 , Chassis No. 4
1st Practice P1, 2nd Practice P3

Sebastian Vettel, Car 1
“I think we were able to improve the car throughout today, but we definitely need to make another step. It was hot today and the circuit was slippery, although rain is forecast for the next two days, so I think the conditions will change. We’re all here to win and it would be great to finish with a good race, but it’s a long weekend ahead and a lot of things can happen. It’s a challenging track and we all like coming here, it’s a good grand prix.”
First Practice Session
Position: 4 , Best Time: 1:14.025, Laps: 28 , Chassis No. 5
Second Practice Session
Position: 2 , Best Time 1:13.559, Laps: 41, Chassis No. 5