Hamilton using special Ayrton design helmet

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren with his new helmet design.

Lewis Hamilton shows off his special Ayrton Senna helmet design for Brazil

Nov.25 (PVM) Lewis Hamilton has unveiled a special edition version of his helmet, for the Brazilian Grand Prix weekend, which incorporates Ayrton Senna’s helmet design and will be donated to raise money for the Senna Foundation.

Ayrton Senna made yellow helmets famous and after his death it took 13 years before another distinctive yellow helmet made it back to  Formula 1 when Hamilton burst on to the scene, the Briton an avid fan of the late Brazilian.

Hamilton explained, ‘For Brazil this weekend I wanted to create and wear a special helmet utilising Ayrton Senna’s design – I asked Ayrton’s sister, Viviane, if I could use it, and she said yes.”

The McLaren driver famously won his F1 world title at Interlagos in 2008.

It’s my helmet design on the front and Ayrton’s on the back. I used the green lining that Ayrton used on his helmet too – I had to order that especially. It’s a very special edition, it’s a real honour to be able to wear it, and hopefully we’ll raise some money for the Senna Foundation too,” said Hamilton.

  • Sennauno

    he couldve just asked bruno for his helmet
    everyone wants to be like Ayrton :)

  • Spencer

    Is this supposed to win him sympathy from the Brazilians??? Whatever Hamilton…

  • Ricardo

    The Lewis helmet in only a tribute for the obtain third´s world championship by Ayrton Senna
    in 1991 and consent of Senna´s family and it’s a real honour to him be able to wear it , and for me as an old Senna´s Brazilian supporter has been an honour that he remember this commemoration…Great Lewis.