Ecclestone daughter’s $20 million wedding

Petra Ecclestone Bernie

Petra Ecclestone Bernie

Nov.12 (PVM) With Bernie Ecclestone giving evidence in the trial of Gerhard Gribkowsky, the German banker charged with tax evasion and receiving bribes worth $44 million from the F1 supremo, some interesting insights into the lifestyle of a billionaire are emerging- such as the estimated $20 million dollars spent on his daughter’s recent wedding.

Ecclestone told the court, “My younger daughter [Petra] got married and I thought as father of the bride I should pay for the wedding. But when it was suggested how much they would be spending on drinks, I thought it was absurd and I managed to upset my daughter and my wife.”

“Then she [Slavica] spent in excess of $19 million on my daughter’s wedding which I did not know about until afterwards,” revealed Ecclestone.

Slavica Radic met Bernie Ecclestone while working on a Formula 1 promotional event for Armani at the 1982 Italian Grand Prix in Monza.

The couple were married in 1985 and have two daughters, Tamara (born 1984) and Petra (born December 1988).

A complex system of companies places much of the Ecclestone’s wealth in Slavica’s name, with much of his Formula One related property owned by a Jersey-based holding company (named SLEC, for SLavica ECclestone), of which Slavica is the major stockholder. She also owns her own promotion company and is .

It was confirmed in November 2008 that Slavica Ecclestone filed for divorce after twenty-three years of marriage and who with a fortune of over a billion dollars is one of the UK’s wealthiest millionaires as the result of a divorce.

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