Abu Dhabi Day 1: Red Bull report

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB7.

Sebastian Vettel

Nov.11 (Red Bull Racing) Mark Webber was the fastest of our drivers in both of today’s Free Practice sessions. Sebastian Vettel lost the car on the entrance to Turn 1 during the second session but only minor damage meant our mechanics were able to repair the car in time for him to attack the track again before the session time was over. Here’s what our drivers had to say:

Mark Webber, Car 2: “It looks easy to get it wrong on Turn 1, when you see guys of the calibre of Alonso and Vettel getting out of shape, then you give a bit of a margin and come back up to it. All in all, it was a pretty good afternoon and night for us and we got all the laps done that we needed to. I won’t predict anything, as we know on Sunday that things can change, but we’re going pretty well and I feel happy with the car.”

First Practice Session
Position: 2, Best Time: 1:40.389, Laps: 26, Chassis No. 4
Second Practice Session
Position: 5, Best Time 1:40.104, Laps: 35, Chassis No. 4

Sebastian Vettel, Car 1: “I had an incident in P2. It wasn’t too much, I lost the car on the entrance to Turn 1. I think I was too wide and too far on to the kerb, so I lost the rear and couldn’t catch the car anymore. I was lucky to get out again at the end of P2; there wasn’t much damage apart from the front wing. If you just touch the kerb there, then it’s fine, but I went too far on to it. Looking to the car, we are there or thereabouts – but it will be tight tomorrow I think.”

First Practice Session
Position: 4 , Best Time: 1:40.755, Laps: 27, Chassis No.5
Second Practice Session
Position: 6 , Best Time: 1:40.132, Laps: 26, Chassis No. 5