Hamilton has two PAs since joining Fuller

Simon Fuller (GBR) Victoria Beckham (GBR) with David Beckham (GBR).

Simon Fuller with Victoria Beckham and David Beckham

Nov.9 (PVM) In March this year Lewis Hamilton signed up with XIX Entertainment Company, run by Pop Idol magnate Simon Fuller, to be part of the celebrity management portfolio.

Prior to that Hamilton had only been managed by his father Anthony Hamilton, who oversaw his son’s career from his karting days right through to him winning the 2008 Formula 1 world championship.

According to Hamilton life has changed somewhat, as now he can boast having two Personal Assistants at his disposal.

Speaking to The National, Hamilton revealed, “Before I just had my dad and my mum, now I have a lot more people involved. Now I have two PAs: one personal PA and one work PA, I have someone who works on marketing, someone who works on media, and then I have Simon, who I have business projects with.”

The McLaren driver is adamant that the move to Fuller’s organisation was the right decision, claiming: “a lot more of my life is taken care of.”

Hamilton added, “He [Fuller] is the one who guides me.”

Fuller’s clients include the likes of David and Victoria Beckham, Geri Halliwell, Claudia Schiffer, Andy Murray, Annie Lennox, Spice Girls, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, Will Young and Lisa Marie Presley.

  • http://Thailand Muddles

    Why do you need that baggage? Just get a good mate to travel with for support. Better than those money sucking people.
    If Sebastian V can handle his affairs, you can do it too.

  • Sennuno

    @ Muddles

    because cuz I is Lewis Hamilton yo
    I’s gots more bling dat Denzel Washington
    XIX are my homies yo they is taking care of my moneys and my crib
    I wanna be famous…get to hollywood n s***
    Thanks to Felipe im hangin pretty low
    not to mention Nicole, the f***** hoe

  • Shibby Forza Ferrari

    Muddles it’s a public secret that Bernie is Seb’s manager (non official though)