Button on Massa-Hamilton: I don’t give a f**k

Jenson Button in India

Jenson Button in India

Nov.1 (GMM) Jenson Button lost his cool and his temper flared after finishing behind Sebastian Vettel in India and moving closer to sealing second place in the 2011 championship.

Jenson Button at Indian GP

Jenson on the Buddh podium

Yet again, despite his run of good form, the 2009 world champion was probed by British reporters about the crashes and antics of his teammate Lewis Hamilton.

Asked about Hamilton’s latest row with Felipe Massa, Button blasted: “I don’t give a f**k.

“If you want to do an interview with me, about me, that’s fine,” he charged. “But I don’t want to be asked about Lewis again. It’s doing my head in.”

Privately, Button is enjoying his dominance inside the McLaren team at present, after critics once ridiculed his decision to leave Brawn for Hamilton’s “lion’s den”.

“That is the challenge I wanted when I came here. I wanted to find out where I really stand compared to Lewis,” he said in India.

And with the likes of Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso also behind him in 2011, Button admitted that finishing second behind Vettel this season is no mean feat.

“To finish second in this championship would mean something,” the 31-year-old admitted. “Only Vettel in a better car would have beaten me.”

  • http://[email protected] jb

    does any1 know where we can see a video of this interview, as i think it is bullshit!!!

  • Butterfly

    The thing is Button is the exact same driver from 2009 and 2010, it’s just that Hamilton ran into trouble. This guy better keep his mouth shut, because sooner or later Hamilton will come back to life and he won’t that.

    Maybe he thinks he’s doing PR here, but he just sounds like an arrogant SOB. I guess Bernie was right about Button not being very bright.

  • Mohan

    Honestly what is he supposed to say? Massa and Hamilton are acting like two toddlers fighting over candy?
    Completely agree with this response.

    If you are interviewing me ask me about me and stop asking about my teammate.

  • F1 Follower 1991

    Its strange i thought it was exactly the right response from a man who is week in week out, out performing his team mate out on the track, why the hell would Button care about the squabble between Massa and Hamilton?

    He will just want to focus on bringing the car home every weekend as high as possible, not getting distracted by his team mates antics on the track.

    There are some posters here calling him arrogant but what else is the purpose of interviewing a driver? Of course the interview should be about him and how he felt the weekend went! the last thing youd want to talk about is why your team mate keeps crashing into the same guy every weekend?

    And anyway why would he care anyway its not like the feud is effecting him. The media are just looking for Button to give them something to feed on and twist. So good on you Jenson for telling them to F**K Off!

  • http://www.educate-yourself.org Tsstheseason

    Not only what you guys said, but how annyoing is that your best mate just died 2 weeks ago. You just got done winning 2nd place. Tuff battle im sure whether you win or lose and you get asked first about your teamate in an interview. I may of popped off to media as well. However the media loves asking rubbish questions like that t boost your ego or piss you off.

    Now next week they will be hounding Button for being arrogant or mean, or a dick. So who is the dick now….Hamilton or Button. Bloody Media i swear mang.

  • Malcolm

    So-called Mr. calm losing his cool………..Let Lewis use the term , ” I don’t give a f**k “, regarding anything, and his critics would be howling from the rooftops, and looking for a rope.


    Saint Button swearing! Not nice while his team mate is mentally exhausted.

    Now,that is an example of bad professional handling.Cannot see Schumi ever acting like that.That is why Schumi is a legend and St Button isn’t or will never be.

  • Sennauno

    @ schumiforever

    why do schumi fans have to bring up schumi for every topic? its about button…massa and hamilton

    but since you brought it up, Schumi is and has always been the biggest arrogant pig out there…it goes with 7 world titles :)

    and people, people, people…dont take everything you read in the press as gospel. I could not imagine Jenson swearing…surely its a mis-quote…so calm down and relax. And if he did just chill the f**k out as Jenson would say :)

  • http://www.jumbocomputerstore.com Charles

    Thats right the slimily worms in the press pack can drive even the coolest most professional people to breaking point.

    Why on earth?
    Jenson (excuse my familiarity sir) has done a brilliant job this season remaining cool carm and collected thoughout a tough season.

    An English gentleman in the old sense of the word.
    Rank him highly with the likes of Shackleton, Campbell, Bonington and Moss.

    And how do the slimily worms of the press corps reward his exemplary behaviour with a pat on the on the back or a “Good show old chap ?”

    Never mind Jenson doggedly chasing down the German meteorite, despite all the odds to produce a spectacular podium position.

    No, that’s just not what the press slime dogs are interested in.

    So from one appreciating member of the Britain public.
    “Well done Jenson”
    And “Up your press corps”.

  • ?

    An Almost Identical thing happened to Mark Webber this year.The difference is,well,Jenson was ahead of Lewis and Webber was,well,what he said at Silverstone last year.Oh,and I think Stirling Moss once said ”We’re all Bastards” when comparing himself to Fangio,who probably deserved all 5 titles.Schumacher seems to only deserve 3,or even 2! Back to Webber,Moss,and Button,those words don’t make them look bad,they’re nonetheless very good drivers.We’re all humans,and humans have limitations to their patience,no matter how high it is,it’s still there,and when that point is reached,it’s rather the media’s fault,not the driver’s.And guess what,the one who described Jenson the way Stirling Moss described himself and other drivers in his era(3rd row in this comment) was named…Lewis,and MSCForever.

  • Nima

    I always thought I would never lose my patients with idiots like those who criticize jenson.
    Your “Schumi” ran all the way to DC’s garage to have a fight with him if you remember. Jensons been the most professional driver out there. When sebastian crashed into him in Spa in 2010 just walked away calmly, Lewis crashes cause of a race incident with Mark in singapour in 2010 and throws his steering wheel away outta anger ( not to criticize Lewis a true champion like Jenson). Mark webber calling sebastian a kid that fucks things up in Figi 2008 I think not too sure.. I can go on and on with the examples.. Think about it YOU arrogant morons you try being in F1 beating the likes of Lewis Hamilton Mark Webber Fernando Alonso and the others and then the first thing they ask you not about how you are feeling about all of this but no what do you think about your team mate…These 2 are genuine friends, best team mates I can think of with these drivers, the first thing they do when they get beat by each other is congratulating the winner… best wheel to wheel action from team mates in 2010 and 2011. It’s called MEDIA you idiotic douches, they make things way bigger than they are to get you to watch it so they get more money…that is the only response (if in fact true) that would stop the media from asking him about Lewis… You guys just piss me off

  • BILL.

    No More Mister Nice Guy ?

    Go, HAMILTON !