Vettel could give up win to help Webber

Race winner Sebastian Vettel (C) of Germany and Red Bull Racing celebrates with second placed Mark Webber

Sebastian Vettel with Mark Webber

Oct.20 (GMM) Newly crowned world champion Sebastian Vettel has hinted he might be willing to give up a grand prix victory to help his team perform a perfect score in 2011.

Red Bull and the 24-year-old German have already secured the constructors’ and drivers’ world championships, but Mark Webber currently lies in only fourth place behind Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button with three races left to run.

Webber has failed to win a single race in 2011 compared with Vettel’s ten so far, so the Australian might need some help to curb the 13-point gap to second place.

“With three races left, we hope for the best results possible for ourselves but also for the team,” Vettel is quoted by the AFP news agency.

Agreed team boss Christian Horner: “He (Webber) has had a very strong year and we want to get him second in the drivers’ championship.

“That’s our remaining target for the remainder of the year — to get him a race win and finish the season in style.”

When asked if that might involve him giving up a win so that Webber can reach the top step of the podium, Vettel answered: “Yeah, definitely.”

  • Pete

    I’m an Aussie and l think Seb is fast and so good for F1.
    The world of F1 is very lucky to have Seb, he shows his emotions and always has a smile.
    Above all he is soo fast. Complete driver. Just love watching him race.
    And to hear him say he would try his best to get Webber to the runner up position is
    proof of how much class he has.
    Go Mark, you deserve to be runner up and l think you will win 2 of the last 3 GP’s.

  • Infallible

    This shows the caliber of Vettel as a racer and as a human.. who gives up a win in F1 for his teammate.. (lemme google it) hmmmm and the answer is No one..

  • Butterfly

    Who the f*** said he’ll give up a win for Webber? Vettel sure in hell didn’t, why do you morons always belive this PR BS?

  • jubeen

    webber doent deserve to be in redbull..he has big mouth blaming and commenting other people how to drive..instead he himself is working as a 2nd driver in redbull..wat was he complaing last year?not bad for a no2 driver..such a poor performance is dat vettel has won 10 races and world title and webber has not won a single race..shame

  • Tsstheseason

    easy to have smiles when your winnning.

  • Stewy33

    At Red Bull it is all about the “Harmony” of the team. Just look at the situation if team orders were implied to help your team mate. Since the constructor and world title are already taken care of why not insure your team mate finishes 2nd in the championship. When a team can dominate like Red Bull has, you can do “special circumstances” like this and as a team they can embrace it.

  • Sennauno

    Oh this is rubbish…if Vettel was gonna give up a win (as in ‘let Webber win’) I think the fact that his announced it wipes most of his merit…why would you announce it? I dont think Mark Webber gives a rats ass about finishing second…2nd 3rd 4th…who cares? specially if it came from a gift from Vettel…

    Where did the chivalry go in Formula 1? Stirling Moss isnt sure to this day whether Fangio ‘let him win’ the British GP at aintree in 1955…Fangio always denied that he did.

    Sometimes you look better when you dont toot your own horn Sebastian

  • youssef sakr

    please don’t forget the performance of mark last year
    but for me i think the team made a car suit 100% the style of seb
    and ignore what mark want
    for me mark must leave the team
    they don’t care about him anymore they support seb and only seb