Ferrari say faulty wind tunnel now fixed

Ferrari wind tunnel at Maranello

Oct.19 (GMM) The race failed to yield even a podium place for the famous team, but Korea showed that Ferrari is getting back on track.

That is the claim of team boss Stefano Domenicali, who referred to the successful debut of a new front wing raced to fifth place by Fernando Alonso.

The part, based on the 2012 car philosophy, was not necessarily much faster than the conventional wing run to sixth place by Felipe Massa.

But according to Domenicali, the “data obtained in the wind tunnel matched the data seen throughout the (race) weekend, so it’s a good sign. There is no doubt,” AS newspaper quotes him as saying.

He was referring to Ferrari’s earlier troubles with the correlation of information between the wind tunnel and the track.

Spaniard Alonso hopes the team can provide him with a good car for 2012.

“I do not need the best car to win the world championship, just a competitive one,” he is quoted as saying.

  • Tsstheseason

    is this just a made up excuse for all the problems they were having during all the tuff races? Bad data? Therefor results were showing why we were so un-competive this year? Now they fix the tunnel? Lets hope Ferrari can make a better 2012 season.

  • Sam

    It will be hard to see Ferrari with the current team setup to come up with a better car that can be as competitive as RBR or even the McLaren. Alonso is probably the hardest working person at ferrari, but one hand doesn’t clap…I feel for him as he truly deserves a better car. i would hate to see another RBR dominance and spoil the season at an early stage. Ferrari should think out of the box like they did during Schumi pushing the rules to max, and not just cut and past designs…