Mercedes GP: Our strategies were right

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher

Oct.9 (Mercedes GP) Michael Schumacher finished in sixth place at today’s Japanese Formula One Grand Prix in Suzuka, making up two places on his starting position, whilst Nico Rosberg came from the back row of the grid to finish in the points in 10th place.

· Michael completed a three stop strategy this afternoon, running option/option/option/prime
· Nico also completed three stops from his P23 starting position, running prime/option/option/option
· Of 65 total pit stops today, just nine were under 21 seconds, and five of those were by Mercedes GP Petronas
· In a race with only one retirement, Michael and Nico gained a total of 15 places from their grid positions
· Today’s race was the fourth consecutive Grand Prix which has featured a Safety Car deployment

Michael Schumacher
“I’m very happy with what we achieved in Suzuka today as we maximised our potential of the car, and managed to put in a good race. The team did a great job the whole weekend in finding performance and transforming it into the race. I think there was not more to expect and achieve. The pit stops were perfectly timed and everything worked out according to plan. I would like to congratulate Sebastian and his team who have been exceptional the whole year. It is extremely emotional to see him win the Championship again, I am very happy for him and even a little bit proud.”

Nico Rosberg
“I’m pleased to score a point today and had fun out there with a few nice overtaking manoeuvres. This is definitely one of the toughest tracks for overtaking so starting from the back of the grid meant that I had a pretty tough job. Before the race, I hoped to achieve between eighth and 10th places and, whilst it would have been nice to be a bit higher, it’s still a decent result. Thanks to the team for a good strategy and great pit stops today. After this complicated weekend, I hope to have a more normal weekend in Korea and fight in our usual position. And finally, Sebastian, congratulations: you deserve the title.”

Ross Brawn
“We made the absolute most of the car and opportunities we had at our disposal today. The car performed well throughout the race, our strategies were right for both cars, and the pit crew produced fantastic stops, we have performed strongly all year in the pits, and today our stops won us places, particularly for Nico during the Safety Car period when he jumped two cars. Michael and Nico both delivered great performances in the cockpit, passing cleanly when they needed to and defending strongly. Overall, I think it was a very exciting race and a fitting Grand Prix in which to crown a new World Champion. Congratulations to Sebastian and Red Bull Racing on his second World Championship, he has driven impeccably all year, and together they have set the standards we must now aim for and exceed.”

Norbert Haug
“Michael and Nico both delivered strong races this afternoon and quite competitive lap times. Michael raced and finished among the top three teams, leading laps during the pit stop cycles, and Nico drove strongly through the field into the points, as we believed he could after qualifying yesterday, even starting from P23. Compliments to our pit stop and strategy crew as well, who played a key role in our team result this afternoon. Congratulations to Jenson Button and McLaren-Mercedes on their victory over the World Champion but, most of all, we take our hats off to Sebastian Vettel and Red Bull Racing, not just for winning the title, but also for defending it with an exceptional level of performance throughout the season.”

Transcript courtesy F1SA


    Great racing result from the King of F1,the skill is still there,the passion is still there,but the car not quite but getting better..Taking bets now on his 8th title.
    Rosberg well done.

  • F1hero.

    Merc GP are getting there.I agree Michael still has the hunger and fight for the podium.The car will improve with all the new top flight brains added to the team,
    Michael will be happier now to have all his old technicians around him again.
    Well done.

  • Schumiefan

    Michael has driven brilliantly over the last few races.
    He really seems to have overtaken Rosberg now in terms of speed and performance and Rosberg is no slouch.
    In fact I rate Rosberg very highly, he’s right up there with the very best and it’s impressive how Schumacher is now managing to outperform a top driver almost 20 years younger than him.
    It seems like the ‘Old Master’ just needed a bit more time to get used to the new cars.
    I expect big things from Merc with their commitment and their hiring of new brains.
    Once they’ve built a car worthy of challenging for wins, Michael will once again prove why he is the best.
    Title no. 8 is looking more and more like a reality now.

  • Schumiefan

    I’m sure those who were saying that Michael is no match for the current crop of drivers like Hamilton and Webber are eating their words now.
    Hamilton is driving like a rookie of late and Webber can barely manage the odd podium, let alone a win in the fastest car on the grid.
    Button looked the class of the field in Japan but let’s not forget how easily Schumi was able to beat him in the past.
    The argument of Michael having average competitors in the past is baseless – many top guys like Button were being beaten by Schumi in the past.
    Let’s not forget Schumi raced against guys like Senna, Prost and Hakkinen.
    To say that guys like Hamilton are better than these legends is laughable.
    When Merc builds a decent car, Michael will be hunting for title no. 8

  • Schumiefan

    Schumi has been able to beat all these guys in the past:
    The only top guys new to the scene since Shumi left are Vettel and Hamilton.
    Button and Alonso have been able to beat Vettel and Hamilton and Schumi has been able to beat Button and Alonso so there is no plausible reason why Schumi won’t be able to win against Hamilton and Vettel
    when provided with a decent car.
    ”Schumacher only won his titles because he didn’t have serious competition”
    What a load of rubbish!!!
    Schumi has competed and won against more generations of the best drivers than anyone else and has come out on top each time.
    The critics making Hamilton and the likes out to be a new generation of super drivers, with skills and speed unlike the world has ever seen before are incredibly unknowledgeable.
    Let’s face it, there is no driver of higher calibre than Ayrton Senna and Schumacher was able to beat him.
    What better competition is there than Senna to prove yourself against?
    ‘Crash Happy Hamilton’? You can’t be serious!

  • F1 fan

    I want to see the famous Schumie jump again,surley it won’t be too long now.