Was the Red Bull RB7 legal at Monza?

Mark Webber watches his Red Bull RB7

Mark Webber watches his Red Bull RB7 being winched off the Monza track

Oct.6 (GMM) Even with the 2011 Formula 1 world championship all but over, the intrigue races on as the spotlight has fallen on the legality of the Red Bull RB7.

Red Bull

Red Bull's Monza front wing

A few weeks ago at Monza, Mark Webber crashed and Adrian Newey’s dominant RB7 was lifted off the track by a crane to the delight of the photographers below. The photos and videos triggered rumours of an illegal floor, while the front wing went mysteriously missing.

“We only got half of it back. The other half is probably at Maranello,” joked Newey, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

More seriously, the report said Red Bull’s competitors are once again concerned about the flexibility of the 2011 car’s floor, which in the detailed Monza photos showed scratches only in the areas not measured by the FIA scrutineers.

“That would not be legal,” said Auto Motor und Sport. Another bone of contention is Red Bull’s expenditure, with rivals including McLaren amazed that the team could arrive at the high speed Monza circuit recently with a totally bespoke package.

“Three sets of wings, engine cover and floors cost around $1-million in production, plus wind tunnel costs. For us it would be impossible to spend so much money on one race,” said Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn.

  • http://www.educate-yourself.org Tsstheseason

    what happen to the news that yallf1.com reported about the Red Bull team puttnig in more money investment passing the restricted amount the FIA has within teams…i heard nothing more about that story or how it will turn up…to me if your team is getting more money especially if there is a restricted amount you can only invest a year per team capital…then wouldnt gainging more money to put into the team and design of the car be a form of cheating if they are getting money over the restricted amount?

  • Bec

    The top 4 teams all break the resource restriction agreement, but as it’s only a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ nothing will ever be done about it.

  • rey

    good news…..maybe the chance to cut the red bull’s points….and vettel too… ^__^

  • nemo

    Winners are grinners, losers cry foul

  • Sennauno

    Winners that are half a second a lap quicker in qualifying are usually cheats that grin only so long as they get caught (Bennetton, Briatore & Schumacher 1994) :) make Newey illegal…that’ll close down the bunch!

    All who drink Red Bulls have the power to close the gap to Red Bull….drink monster, gatorade of lucozade and veto Red Bull. We’ll see if they can afford such packages in 2012 ;)

  • Twiinz

    A boycott? That’s funny. :)
    How could we tell all the college kids not to drink something that tastes like sweetarts and works like cocaine. ? Lol

  • http://www.educate-yourself.com illusiongt21

    i never liked the taste of Redbull either. Never did. I dont see how it is a billionaire coompany…not hating, but i dont like the taste of it. its is full of sugar and God knows what type of GMO’s (Genetically Modiefied Organisms).