Vettel: I am not on Facebook or Twitter

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel arrivesin the Suzuka paddock

Oct.6 (GMM) World champion Sebastian Vettel has dealt a blow to his thousands of fans on social media sites Twitter and Facebook.

Vettel told Bild newspaper: “It’s not me. I am not on Facebook or Twitter.

“I prefer to have personal contact with the fans, for example in the autograph signings.”

The report said there are more than a dozen apparently ‘official’ Facebook and Twitter profiles for the 24-year-old Red Bull driver, the most with almost 600,000 fans.

Bild added that Vettel is bidding to have the fake accounts removed.

The fraudulent profiles could explain a rumour earlier this week that Vettel has bought a mansion in his hometown Heppenheim for $2-million.

“I looked at the house but didn’t buy it,” said the German, who lives in Switzerland.

  • Stewy33

    I also hate face book and twitter; both of these companies are turning people into texting zombies! Maybe I will be okay with them if a new law is posted saying: If a person is texting and walks out in front of your car and you kill them, that it is the texting persons fault and it would be considered unintentional suicide. Then the insurnace company would pay the driver of crap load of money for the innconveince the texting person has caused.

  • Rick

    Spot on stewy!! Fb and twitter are a mindless and utterly boring waste of one’s time. There are plenty of better things to do in life than stare at a screen and either moan about crap or read about others moaning about crap

  • Charlie White

    I have not facebook or twitter, they are stupid things and you have no personal live with facebook. I am happy to know Vettel doesn’t have them and Stewy. I hope some day the people understand that to have a private life you have forget put everything in internet.

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