Button becomes McLaren $100-million man

Jenson Button

Jenson Button is lauching all the way to the bank

Oct.6 (GMM) Reports in Britain claim that Jenson Button’s new contract could see him stay at McLaren for five more seasons and earning well in excess of $100-million, despite the team not revealing the length of the contract.

Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren MP4/26.

Jenson will be in a McLaren cockpit for some years

And the ‘multi year’ deal, whose precise terms were not revealed by the Woking based team on Wednesday, could see the 31-year-old earn as much as US $131-million in total.

The Daily Star said the $15-million per year deal for Button represents an annual pay-rise of $6-million, guaranteed “for the next two years at least”.

The Daily Mail, however, said Button earned $12-million in 2011, with the new deal adding $3-million per season for as many as “the next four seasons”.

But the Daily Telegraph thinks that while the 2009 world champion might have negotiated less PR and sponsor commitments, he is “unlikely to have improved on his salary … especially given the current economic climate”.

The Daily Express however said Button “has been rewarded for his loyalty” with a contract worth nearly $62-million.

The Mirror claims the new deal has “accelerated (Button) into the ranks of sport’s super-rich” with a contract that could earn him a phenomenal $131m in total.

The Sun estimated the maximum value at $93-million, calling the five year contract a “deal for life” but still almost $5-million a year shy of his teammate Lewis Hamilton’s pay.

When asked by YallaF1.com about the exact length of the contract a spokesperson for the team replied, “It’s often standard practice for teams not to disclose the full terms of a new deal, hence the ‘multi-year’ wording. It’s a significant deal that is extremely satisfactory to both parties.”

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  • Butterfly

    Now that Hamilton has turned out to be one big disappointment, the British Hype Machine (BHM) is turning its attention to “JB”. Fine, do that, McLaren will always be second no matter who is first.

  • Snakes

    Hey man JB has always performed well in his early days at honda to mc, he has suffered heaps in late honda days now hes shining and being reconised by other drivers,lets not forget 2009 champion .dont take this away from JB,
    also im not a british
    or huge jb fan

  • Butterfly

    Sorry, don’t buy it that Button is one of the greats (MSC, ALO, SEN, etc.)

  • Salman

    well JB got one thing right tht as long as Mclaren dont hav a no1 driver they wont win the drivers championship but i guess thts the scene for nowadays racing..back in the 1988-1991 era when Senna and Prost were teamates they had the same policy of equal treatment and it tormented the rest of the field so i guess mclaren are still relying on tht policy and hoping tht both hamilton and button wuld turn the tables for them..but that is not gona hapen in 2011..hope they will produce an even better car in 2012 to reclaim the top spot..

  • Twiinz

    Congrats to Button. He has earned a solid spot near the top of grid. He has proven himself well over thelast few years. He is calm, friendly, and extremely smooth behind the wheel. He is a good compliment to Maclaren considering the difference in style between he and Hamilton. The two of them make one of the best teams as far as driver lineup. (and that is from a non Maclaren fan)

  • Sennauno

    The closest of the team mates at the sharp end of the grid this year, im glad JB has had the better of Hamilton. He looks like an easy going chap, has had some great wins & seems to be enjoying his racing. You deserve it Jenson…live it up

  • http://F1Sight.com F1 Sight

    Jenson has had his best year in F1 and deserves a new McLaren contract, but there is not way he got anywhere near a 100 million dollar deal. The only way he is going to get that kind of money is if he is driving a McLaren for the next 20 years. This is the British press at its best.

  • http://www.educate-yourself.org Tsstheseason

    yeah I like Button, he is my 2nd favorite driver after Alonso. I wish they were teamates to be honest. That my dream team. Good job JB!

  • Japan

    @ Butterfly

    You´re funny man…

    and yes they may be 2nd but they´ll be in front of Ferrari and that is the most important thing! Now, have a nice day!

  • Twiinz

    Being a fan of Ferrari (not always its pilots) I love the battle between Maranello and Maclaren. It has been the most exciting thing in the sport for years. But while these two were scrapping it out, RBR just flew by. :)
    I hope the top 3 or 4 is tighter next year.

  • Snakes

    yeah lets hope mc, fer, and rb are more close to gether,i agree with twins lewis and jb are good
    line up,jb is a more consistant driver plays safe, where lewis is more of a all or nuthing..
    but how doe sthis work out in the development?

  • Rick

    Good for Jenson. He’s driven superbly. Especially this year.
    He’s really proven how good he is….by sitting second to Vettel.
    If he wasn’t knocked out of those gp’s,the loose and,and the hit,
    It could have been much closer.

  • Rick

    “Loose tire”…. I am ready to toss my old bb out the window. It’s become a backmarker,gotta upgrade…

  • Snakes

    Black Betty? bb