Newey: Next year’s RB8 will amaze everyone

Race winner Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing with Adrian Newey (GBR) Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Director in parc ferme.

Sebastian Vettel with Adrian Newey in Malaysia

Oct.5 (GMM) In what will be news their rivals do not want to hear, Red Bull‘s 2012 car will “amaze everyone” in the Formula 1 paddock, according to its design guru Adrian Newey whose RB7 creation has set a very high benchmark and has consequently dominated the 2011 season.

Adrian Newey

Adrian Newey keeps an eye on things in the Red Bull garage

Already this week, Ferrari‘s chief designer Nikolas Tombazis has revealed that next year’s single seater is “fairly different” to the current 150 Italia and could provoke a “wow factor” when it is launched.

But the same is also true of Newey’s RB8, according to Turun Sanomat newspaper, despite the current Red Bull being an evolution of the 2009 concept.

Blown diffusers aside, the rules are staying essentially the same in 2012 but Newey has “revealed that next year’s RB8 will amaze everyone”, correspondent Heikki Kulta wrote.

“When he was asked what about it is so surprising, he replied that if he revealed that now then it would no longer be a surprise.”

Even team boss Christian Horner apparently knows very little about the 2012 Red Bull.

“So far he (Newey) has only told me that it’s going to be blue,” he joked, according to Die Presse.

Dr Helmut Marko said on the Servus TV channel this week that the 2011 car will feature some new parts in Japan this weekend.

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has won nine races with the RB7 so far this year

“What we learn can be used for the new car in 2012,” said the team advisor. “We want to come back with a clear lead for the first race of the season.”

But before the full focus turns to 2012, Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel need to mathematically conclude their 2011 title triumphs, and Newey insists there is no celebrating yet.

“We still have not won anything,” the Briton said ahead of Suzuka, where Vettel needs only a single point to secure his second drivers’ title.

Horner however insists the team will not be on ‘cruise and collect’ in Japan.

“We are not looking at the one point but the (maximum) 43,” Kleine Zeitung quotes him saying.

As for the future, Horner insists he can live with the constant sniping about Red Bull’s approach to F1 rules and financial agreements.

“We take it as a compliment,” he said. “We have shown that what we have achieved was no fluke.

“Ferrari and McLaren were sworn enemies for twenty years, yet now they are united against us.”

  • Butterfly

    Yeah, it will have turbo-charged warp-drive capable of warp-8 (since it’s the RB8).

    What a load of rubbish. It would be cool for Ferrari to wipe the floor with these clowns.

  • assad

    come on mr brawn , find that special something so your mercedes wo3 is up there. Why also does the front wing of the wo2 and wo1 still look the same as the original brawn car?

    I knwo ross worked on them all, but come on some changes to the front wing to bring better speed to the car?

  • Butterfly

    I have a hunch the Ferrari will end up taking the most points in 2012. Just a hunch.

  • Plop face

    Human bias is so unabashedly and beautifully displayed when the topic is their favorite sporting rivals.

  • Infallible

    Let’s see!!

  • Butterfly

    Adrian Newey should stick to car design and let the PR activities to the PR people. What a jackass.

  • visz963

    Best driver with best car for 2012 as well! – there is no room for others near the championship.

  • illusiongt21

    So Ferrari says we will be “Wowed” and Now Red Bull says we will be “Amazed”

    which do you believe? lol.

  • Butterfly

    Domenicali said ‘Wow’ when he saw the model on the computer, Tombazis said he hopes to hear Wow from the performance on track, Ferrari didn’t say the car will make you go ‘Wow’.

    Red Bull (Newey) did say the car will amaze you. He can go f**k himself.

  • visz963

    Butterfly – sad loser.

  • Reggy

    @butterfly is a sore loser, much like ferrari

  • Twiinz

    Butterfly is factually correct. Try reading both article again guys.

  • stewy33

    Didn’t Monty say at the start of the year that Ferrari must win and win immeditely? I will rephrase that to Ferrari must find a step on the podium and podium immeditely…

  • Anthony

    I think the major issue is that Butterfly is the king of butt hurt and trolls anything with Red Bull in the headline. We just need to remember that every time Vettel wins and raises his glorious finger, Butterfly’s blood boils.

  • Butterfly

    @Anthony: what are you, a socker fan?

  • Adrian

    I HATE HATE that finger. After the chequered flag I turn off . Hope not to see it in 2012.

  • Sennauno

    I think with that finger he is trying to say he is number one, because he finished in first place. Will we see 2 fingers if ONE day he finished in 2nd? or 3 fingers for third?? I would love to see him there jolting his 3 fingers about. I would respect him for that

  • Speed

    No his finger is symbol because he is strong and back. He has accident with finger in formula crash.