Ferrari mandated to build creative 2012 car

Marc Gene with Fernando Alonso

Marc Gene with Fernando Alonso

Oct.2 (PVM) Ferrari‘s F1 technical team have been mandated to develop an aggressive and creative car to contest the 2012 season and their test driver Marc Gene believes, that as a result, next year will be a good year for the Maranello squad.

Speaking to La Sexta Gene said, “I think next year everything will change. The technical team at Maranello have been ordered in which direction to take to be leaders again and this means a more aggressive and creative design of the car. The aim is to be competitive from the beginning.”

Ferrari have not won a title since Kimi Raikkonen did the business in 2007, Gene explained the pressure team are under to deliver, “The problem is that Ferrari are always expect to win.”

Gene acknowledged, “What is clear is that Sebastian [Vettel] has had a perfect year with a great car. I have heard statements made in Singapore by [Lewis] Hamilton, Fernando [Alonso], almost all the drivers admitted that he drove at a high level.”

“However, to me, I still think number one is Fernando, the most complete of all,” added the Spaniard.

  • aknit

    The thing is, to avoid doubt about who the No. 1 driver is, the WDC system is in place so that there isn’t any reason to assume a driver either won or lost the championship.

  • Arjun

    Alonso will still be up there contesting for the Championship weather good car or not.Even if Ferrari build a very good car,Massa has to up his game.Because without Massa scoring good points the team cannot win the constructors.Mclaren and Red Bull have both drivers contesting for the championship but,at Ferrari there is only one which results in less points in the constructors!!
    Good car or not Massa has to perform next season to stay at Ferrari and if Ferrari decide to replace Massa from the 2nd car,the person replacing him should be Giancarlo Fisichella.!!

  • Sennauno

    Call it creative, call it what you want. Just a car that will compete with Red Bull would be nice

  • Butterfly

    I don’t think Massa is a problem to Ferrari given how good Alonso is. I mean, Alonso-Massa is like Vettel-Webber w.r.t the relative speed between the team-mates. If the car is good enough, Ferrari can take both titles.

  • Tsstheseason

    well they need to get moving on it…no title since 2007 says alot. and 2nd place is just 1st place LOSER!

    and thats coming from a Alonso fan!

    lets gooooFerrari 2012, please dont dissappoint!