F1 boss says FOTA is unnecessary

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone

Sep.30 (PVM) Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone says that the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) is an unnecessary organisation, made up of people who should be ensuring they have competitive cars on the grid rather than meddling in other aspects of the sport.

In an interview with the official F1 website, Ecclestone said, “It is an unnecessary association of people who should put their sole emphasis on getting competitive cars on the grid. It’s just more of what they don’t have to think of. I look after that so there are enough financial resources.”

FOTA is a group of Formula One teams that was formed at a meeting in Maranello on 29 July 2008. It is currently headed by McLaren Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh, appointed in December 2009. HRT are the only team who are not members.

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    FOTA is also very costly, records show that during the summer of 2009 FOTA spent nearly 11 million on consultancy fees.