Red Bull still have full faith in Webber

VALENCIA, SPAIN - FEBRUARY 02: Mark Webber of Australia and Red Bull Racing talks with his Team Principal Christian Horner as he prepares to drive the new RB7 during day two of winter testing at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit on February 2, 2011 in Valencia, Spain. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Mark Webber and Christian Horner

Sep.29 (GMM) Red Bull has not written off Mark Webber despite his struggle to live with his teammate Sebastian Vettel in 2011.

While Vettel, 24, has raced to a certain back-to-back title with nine wins so far this season, Australian veteran Webber has failed to win a single grand prix.

But even though there might be question marks about his motivation to again take on the young German next season, Red Bull has signed up Webber for another campaign.

“Well, he’s still motivated enough to beat anybody except Sebastian,” team boss Christian Horner told F1’s official website.

“It seems all too convenient to underestimate Mark when comparing him against Seb. But that is definitely a huge mistake. Mark is undervalued right now.”

Also not writing off 35-year-old Webber is Bernie Ecclestone, the sport’s chief executive.

“That Sebastian is better than Mark we know by now. But who is there who is better than Mark?” wondered the Briton.

“I think it is not right to belittle Mark. In context, driving with Sebastian, he hasn’t got the easiest of jobs, because in my view Sebastian is the best driver on the grid right now.”

  • John

    The car is lightning fast!
    Seb has adapted to the new tires better than any one.
    Seb has more faith in the car and grip.

  • Stewy33

    I am speculating that Red Bull wants Webber to make bad starts as it requires Mark to drive wheel to wheel with other drivers. When you’re racing wheel to wheel with competitors you have to give each other room which in term slows them both down. Week in and week out Webber slows the field as Sebs checks out, by the time the field sorts out and DRS is allowed Sebs is far enough way that his competition can’t use their DRS to catch him. Webber is mad for a reason and my believe is what I typed above.

  • Evel

    I don’t understand how someone can be motivated to beat everyone except their team mate???
    What does Christian think will motivate Webber to beat Vettel? – obviously Seb making him look like a loser isn’t enough to motivate Webber.
    It has nothing to do with motivation Christian, the simple fact is that Webber just isn’t good enough to beat Vettel.
    It’s all fine at the moment while Red Bull have the quickest car but when they no longer have a dominant car and podiums are no longer gifted to Webber, Red Bull may be wishing they had hired a more competitive no 2 driver.
    Yes Mark, you actually have to win races to stake your claim as the number one driver – using sarcasm and throwing temper tantrums in public won’t get you there.