F1 boss defiant as FOTA bemoans calendar

Bernie Ecclestone

Sep.28 (GMM) The latest spat between Bernie Ecclestone and the Formula One Teams’ Association (FOTA) is set to break out.

Diario Sport newspaper reports that FOTA, headed by McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh, believes the F1 chief executive has breached the Concorde Agreement in devising the arduous 20-race calendar for 2012.

The report said FOTA vice-chairman Eric Boullier confirmed the potential disagreement in the Singapore paddock.

Diario Sport said the teams believe they have the right to renegotiate the commercial terms if Ecclestone moves beyond the maximum 17 grands prix per season.

The confidential agreement reportedly also refers to the number of races that can take place outside of Europe, with the teams concerned about the additional costs of the ‘flyaway’ events.

“We would suggest a couple of ideas and, above all, we intend to request a reconsideration of the logistics,” said Boullier.

Ecclestone reacted: “The teams don’t do the calendar, I do. They can’t come now with their proposals. It’s my decision so if someone is going to do something, it’s me.

“If someone isn’t happy they can go to the police. Wouldn’t the real problem be if there were no races to go to?” he added defiantly.

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    Clause 10.5 of the concorde agreement states 17 races, with a maximum of 20 if the teams agree, of which 50% need to be held within Europe, a calendar over 20 races means the teams get paid more money per extra race. A 20 race calendar also requires a 12 week break between the last race of the previous season and the first race of the following season, rather than 16.